• SJUSD Internet Acceptable Use Policy


    San Juan Unified School District Policy:


    Student Use Of Technology, On-Line Services/Internet Access:


    Technology provides ways to access the most current and extensive sources of information.  Technology also enables students to practice skills and to develop reasoning and problem-solving abilities.  Every effort shall be made to provide equal access to technology throughout the district's schools and classes.


    The Internet and other on-line resources provided by the district shall be used to support the instructional program and further student learning.  The district provides computers and computer network and internet services for the specific and limited purpose of achieving the district's goals and accomplishing its educational and organizational purposes.


    Because the Internet contains an unregulated collection of resources, the district cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information or the appropriateness of any material that a student may encounter.  Therefore, before using the district's on-line resources, each student and his/her parent/guardian shall sign and return an Acceptable Use Agreement.  This agreement shall specify user obligations and responsibilities and shall indemnify the district for any damages.  The parent/guardian shall agree to not hold the district responsible for materials acquired by the student on the system, for violations of copyright restrictions, users' mistakes or negligence or any costs incurred by users.


    The regulations listed below are meant to prohibit access to harmful matter on the internet and preclude other misuses of the system, to establish the fact that users have no expectation of privacy and that district staff may monitor or examine all system activities to ensure proper use of the system.


    Students who fail to abide by district rules shall be subject to disciplinary action, revocation of the user account and legal action as appropriate.


    Rules for Use of Computers, Computer Networks and the Internet:


    1.       Use of school computers and access to the Internet is a privilege.  Students are expected to follow the directions of teachers and school staff and abide by the rules of the school and the school district, and be considerate and respectful of other users.


    2.       Use of school computers and access to the Internet is provided for school-related education and research.  Students may be required to provide verification from a teacher that their Internet activity is part of a learning activity.


    3.       Computers will not be used to produce, distribute, access, or store information which is:



    Private or confidential

    Copyright protected or plagiarism (passing someone else’s work as your own),

    Obscene, pornographic or containing inappropriate language,

    Harmful, threatening, abusive or denigrating of others,

    For commercial purposes,

    Causing congestion or damage to systems or disruptive of others’ work.


    4.       Do not change any software or documents other than the documents you create.


    5.       Never give out personal information such as your home address or telephone number or personal information about others.  Do not respond to any requests for personal information.

Last Modified on October 10, 2014