Picking Up Students After an Emergency

  • To ensure students remain safe, schools will implement restricted pick-up procedures after an emergency situation. Please keep in mind, that no one except authorized district staff and first responders will be allowed to enter or leave a school campus during a lockdown or shelter-in-place. Also, only those listed on a student's emergency card will be allowed to pick a student up. 

    Is Picking Up a Student Required?

    The vast majority of emergency situations are precautionary in nature. In most cases we will not require students be picked up before their normal dismissal time. If pick-up is mandatory we will notify families. If there is a safety concern requiring students leave campus immediately we will evacuate students via foot or via bus depending on the situation. 


    When Should Parents Go to a Campus?

    To ensure the safety of students and staff, parents or family members who go to a campus while it is in lockdown or shelter-in-place will not be allowed on campus. If you do go to the campus before the lockdown is lifted you will be stopped and asked to wait in a specified area off campus. Parents and guardians who do attempt to come on campus may be putting themselves and others in danger. Anyone attempting to gain access to a campus will be refused entrance and asked to wait off-campus.
    Families will be notified that the situation has been resolved via our automated notification system as soon as it is safe to do so. Updates will be made as they are available and information will be posted to the school and district website. Once families are allowed on campus, you will be directed to a specific pick-up area.

    What Should You Bring to the Pickup Area? 

    Again, restricted pick-up procedures will be in effect after an emergency situation. To help reduce confusion and avoid delays, families should come to the pickup area with:
    • Photo Identification - This requirement applies to all families. If you do not have a photo ID, your student may not be released or it may cause significant delays. 
    • Your Mobile Phone - Emergency situations sometimes require changes to reunification plans. By having your phone with you, you will receive any updates sent via our automated notification system if you have provided us with your mobile phone number. 
    • Patience - In most situations, there will be a large number of families who choose to pickup their student after an emergency situation. This may result in an extended wait time as we verify ID's and call students to the reunification area. 
Last Modified on September 6, 2017