Monday, June 4, 2018 - 10p - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 5am
    Doors open from 10p - Midnight (only)
    Event complete Tuesday, June 5, 2018 5am

  • Calling all Mira Loma Parents from all class levels

    to help in the Grad Night party for the Class of 2018!!

        Safe and Sober   


    We need every parent’s help to make Grad Night 2018 (Overnight 6/4/18) a successful "Night to Remember".

    If you have an undergraduate this is the time to volunteer.  You will experience Grad Night for when your student graduates, and start thinking of great ideas for their celebration.  

    We do not use teachers, coaches and we try to avoid using parents of graduating seniors as Chaperones at grad night. Therefore, we will be depending on undergraduate parents as chaperones. 

    Past Grad Nights (held at Country Club Lanes) have been so special that the graduates rave about it the next morning and for years into future!  

    This is a BIG party and we need everyone’s help!

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with Grad Night, parents in the Bay Area who were concerned about their graduates safely celebrating the end of their high school years without drugs, alcohol or fear of injury, or worse in an accident, began Sober Grad Night. 

    The idea has since spread across the country and involves hundreds of thousands of graduates every year. 

    Mira Loma's Grad Night keeps our kids safe while they enjoy a fun all-night party with their friends!

    If you have any questions please contact Julie Sullivan 



    Safe and Sober Grad Night Class of 2018 Planning Meeting

    Attention Senior families, Class of 2018 needs your input, help and did we say HELP?! We have lots of fundraising needs for this important annual event in June 2018. We are in need of in kind donations, (food, beverages, gift cards etc.) regular donations and sponsorships. We need to start raising funds now. 
    Our Class of 2018 must start the planning process early as we have a significant gap with income (donations) against projected expenses.
    Please join us for our Safe & Sober Grad Night Class of 2017 Planning Meeting - NEXT MEETING Wednesday 9/27/17 7:00p in the Library
    Julie Sullivan and Doreen Adams will be leading with Class Parent 2018 - Grad Night 2018, Class Parent.  If you have the abilities, time, organizational background and commitment, we need: 
    • Grad Night 2018, Class Parent
    • Grad Night 2019, Class Parent
    • Grad Night 2020, Class Parent
    • Grad Night 2021, Class Parent 
    ​​​Make checks out to ML Booster - Grad Night 2018​.
    Note: Tickets Purchased on or after 4/27/18 will not be guaranteed T­shirt size.​​
    Turn in money and form to Ms. Jenny DeVries, Vice Principal’s Secretary, in the front office or
    mail to Mira Loma, Grad Night, 4000 Edison Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95821.
    Tickets will be delivered to your student June 1st at Sr. check out.

    Here’s how you can help:

    The Grad Night Committee is asking for donations of water and snacks to help the just-graduated Seniors celebrate at Country Club lanes.

                                Sign up HERE  <<< As of 8/22/17 - Link not yet available.

    Items can be taken to Ms. Jenny, the Vice Principal's Secretary, in the ML office. Please label the items Grad Night Food Donation.  Donations need to be delivered to Ms. Jenny no later than the end of the school day on Wednesday, May 31st.

    If you would rather give a monetary donation for the committee to purchase food items, please make your check out to  ML Booster - Grad Night and write "Grad Night Food donation" on the Memo line.  Checks can be taken to Ms. Jenny in the VP office.


     Donate raffle prizes, Sr. suggestions: (DROP OFF BY June 1st)

    Items: Laptop, Go Pro, Polaroid Camera, Printer, Mini-Fridge, Bluetooth Beats, Rice Cooker, Coffee Maker, Ipad/Tablet, Microwave, Speaker, Digital Camera, Suitcase, Water Bottle, PS4, NutriBullet, TV, Portable Phone Charger, Lamp                 

    Gift Cards: Ikea, Target, Amazon, Gas, Visa, Best Buy, Massage, Chipotle, Sizzler, Movie Tickets, Uber                

    Please bring all donations to the Vice Principal’s office anytime during school hours. For any questions please contact

    Julie Sullivan at mlgradnight2018@gmail.com

    Thank you for your help in making this a night to remember for the Class of 2018! 


  • Please donate to the Mira Loma

    Class of 2018 Safe and Sober Graduation Party

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  • Please donate to the Mira Loma Class of *2019* Safe and Sober Graduation Party

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  • Please donate to the Mira Loma Class of *2020* Safe and Sober Graduation Party

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  • Please donate to the Mira Loma Class of *2021* Safe and Sober Graduation Party

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