• EL In 1955 the property on which the school sits and the surrounding area was owned by George E and Anna (Nancy) Miller, Sr. The 50+ acres of the ranch consisted of olive and orange trees, with a plethora of other crops as well. Orange trees were predominant in the area.

    The Millers had decided to sell the property for subdivision in 1955. Being philanthropists, they contacted the Fair Oaks Parks and Recreation Department---of which George Jr. was a Board member---and donated the land that is adjoining the school so, as he stated, “there would always be a place where my grandchildren could play." It is now known as Miller Park.

    When San Juan Unified School District got wind of the donation and sale, George Sr. was approached for a donation of land for a school, of which the family had planned to donate land for and, as he put it, "my grandchildren would always have some place to learn." It was suggested by George and Nancy that the school be named after the much-deserving School Board President with whom they had been working to donate the land. That School Board President was named Earl LeGette.


    Mr. LeGette was born in Portales, New Mexico in 1900. He began a banking career in Kansas City. MO, where he had moved with his mother and siblings when he was young. Earl married Laura Mary Steepleton in 1924. They had two children, Jerome (Jerry) and James.


    After WWII, the family moved to Fair Oaks where Mr. LeGette and a partner established the First National Bank of Fair Oaks. Soon after, he joined the school system as a volunteer. He spent many hours involved in school business. His goal for all children was a good, solid and basic education. He worked closely with the members of the school system to continue the improvement of public education.


    Mr. LeGette was instrumental in working with the Millers for the acquisition of the property, on which the school is built, with the completion of the school in 1957, opening in September, 1957.

    LeGette groundbreaking:

    "Breaking ground" is Earl LeGette. Directly behind him is Anna (Nancy) Miller. Behind her is George E. Miller Sr., flanked on the right by George E. Miller Jr. and other Board members of the time.

     ground breaking
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