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  • Welcome Schweitzer Families to 

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  • Dear Schweitzer Community, 

    Welcome both new and returning families to Schweitzer Elementary School. I hope everyone enjoyed the summer break and are ready for the new school year! 

    I know the school year may be a challenge for diverse reasons but I hope it’s a challenge you choose to embrace rather than endure. For those of you who have older children, like myself, you realize life for elementary school age kids can be, in many ways, magical! But this period is temporary and seemingly fleeting. For that reason, I urge everyone to take advantage now to help us all create a truly wonderful experience for our children at Schweitzer! Because before you know it, our children will be off to middle school, then high school and beyond... 

    Schweitzer PTA sponsors many events throughout the year intended to enrich the experience at Schweitzer. The Fall Festival, Holiday Breakfast, Family Reading Night, and the School Play are only made possible through our combined efforts.   Most recently we have built a new garden to help with hands on academic enrichment. It is our hope that every family seizes these opportunities to enhance our children’s lives. 

    A school calendar has been provided to you which includes all our school events. The calendar is free and intended to keep you informed of events throughout the school year.  Please also watch for our weekly email updates to remind you of upcoming events or to inform you of new developments to add to your calendar. Schweitzer PTA maintains a Facebook page at You may also contact us directly at 

    Thank you to everyone who have supported and continue to support Schweitzer Elementary. Your dedication is always appreciated! 


    Thank you,
    Tracy Auble
    PTA President
    The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to
    help others.
    -Albert Schweitzer
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  • Schweitzer's PTA supports all Schweitzer students, families, and teachers, and strives to ensure each student has an enriching educational experience during their elementary school years. 


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Last Modified on August 5, 2019