• What is Research?

    Research is:
    • Driven by a question or problem that then guides the process.
    • Seeking information with a clear goal in mind.
    • A process, which works best when done step- by-step. The steps may need to be repeated,
    as the process is reiterative.
    • Collection and interpretation of data in an attempt to resolve the problem or answer the
    • Going beyond facts and old ideas.
    • Taking a new look at the information and taking a stand.
    Research is not:
    • Just gathering information
    • Rearranging facts
    • Combining a paragraph from an encyclopedia with a couple of paragraphs from web
    sites. That's plagiarism.
    • Rewording each phrase and citing each source. That's just a summary of facts with
    someone else's name on them.


    Check out the Analytical Research Project Presentation by Purdue University Online Writing Lab
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    Conducting research is a process.  Learning some simple steps can help make your work efficient and successful.  The Big6, developed by information scientists, Bob Berkowitz and Mike Eisenberg, consists of the following six steps to research success:

    Step 1- Task Definition

    Step 2- Information Seeking

    Step 3- Location and Access

    Step 4- Use of Information

    Step 5- Synthesis

    Step 6- Evaluation
     The Big 6  can help you structure your research process and can be applied to any research assignment with which you are faced.
    Watch this Prezi presentation for an introduction to the Big6 and the general research processThe "Big 6 Research Process" adapted with permission from Christie Gubowsky.
    Use the link below to access the Research Process Learning Track for this module.  These activities will help you review and practice the research process steps.
Last Modified on March 9, 2015