•                           NOTES         MUSIC APPRECIATION


    This course provides opportunities for the non-performing student to become familiar with the social values of music.  Emphasis is on understanding music and the role it plays within the wider contexts of history and society.  Listening materials are drawn from a variety of sources:  classical music,  American popular music (particularly jazz, country, and rock), and the American folk tradition.  You will explore the history of Western Music from Ancient times through the Rock & Roll era.


    There is no textbook for this class.  Likewise, there is little homework for this class so students will be required to maintain an interactive notebook containing materials used in the classroom.  This notebook must be brought to class each day.

    Course activities include, in-class lectures, reading, listening, analyzing.  Grades are based on group and individual projects, presentations, reports and quizzes.


Last Modified on April 6, 2017