• In the future I will have grown up and gotten a job as a researcher in a lab or a wilderness scientist. I may have a family, and I believe I will be in a medium sized house in the mountains. With luck, clothes will have build in heating systems because I get cold easily yet I want to live in rocky, mountainous terrain

    In my spare time I will likely take hikes, play computer games, read various books, surf the web (I think it will be much more 3-d by then) and take care of some pets. I imagine I will probably have pet rats and or cat or two. Perhaps I will have an exotic pet instead, such as a badger, serval, or gerboa. I will also likely spend time drawing on the computer. I foresee myself selling my art on occasion over the net. Computer screens will just be flat cloth surfaces that are projected upon by tiny projectors. Most likely these projectors will be mounted on some sort of headband.

    I suspect that gadgets will become more suited to be worn constantly and I’ll probably be one of the first to go along with it depending on how useful I find it.

    I hope that new forms of transportation similar to Segways and power stilts become available for walking in non-manmade environments.

    I also believe that natural gas will no longer be the power source and that solar will be the most likely one to replace it. However I might have to rely on some sort of grown or chemical system to power my transportation depending on where I live. Its more likely that I will just recharge my ‘car’ from an outlet that derives power from a power plant that relies on solar, wind, or water. 

    I doubt I will still be in contact with all but a few old friends, though I will likely have met more. I imagine that I will have some younger kids that I will enjoy teaching about the forest and life in general. I will probably stay in contact with my parents and visit them once a month, at the very least on a certain holiday I will every year. The rest of the world will probably have grown vertically, and rooted itself deeper into the earth. I will probably have to find a place to live on the outskirts of civilization because of my reclusive nature. Because of that fact, I may move to Montana, Canada, or even to some place in the southern hemisphere depending on how developed it is.

Last Modified on April 7, 2015