• To my father, being an American is something he feels lucky to be. He admires America for its strong standing symbol of freedom, equal opportunity, self government, and innovation. He is glad to live in the most influential country in the world, and he returns the favor by voting, partaking in jury duty, and volunteering his time and skills for the aid of public education. Since my mother lived in Canada and America she had the experience of living in both countries. She has heard from other countries that she visited and lived in, that a flaw in American character is arrogance. She views being an American as a great responsibility as a leader. This position garners criticism and attention in world matters it should make us self critical and appreciative of our opportunities is my mother’s view. She sees that in this country we have choices that are not available elsewhere.

    My generation is much more jaded about America, but I still feel a healthy respect for its contributions to the world. It is a haven it is for so many events, charities, ideas, and collaborations, and for that I am extremely proud. Its democracy, albeit flawed, is the best government attempted probably in the history of the world, which in and of itself is extremely commendable. The incredible durability of universal ideals is also something that I admire, and am glad to experience and contribute to in my future. I do not have enough pride in America to believe it is the best country in the world, but I acknowledge its virtues as much as I acknowledge other countries’.


Last Modified on April 7, 2015