• Mother's side of family

    This picture is of my mother’s side of the family. It includes my grandparents and my only living uncle. It shows how my family looked when they were a bit younger, although they have not changed much over the years. I love my grandparents dearly, and visit them almost every year. Although I know my Uncle Bruce, Aunt Anne, and cousin Jessica less, I still remember trips to their house and the fun we had together. I do not know where or when this was taken, but it is a good picture of all of my closest relatives together.


    Father's side of family

    This picture shows my father’s side of the family, except it unfortunately excludes my Grandpa Roger. It was taken at the house that my parents lived in, rented out, and my grandma later bought and moved into. The older man in the photo is my Grandpa Brig. He passed on when I was about ten years old. I had known him for most of my life, however I was a not too close with him. I was a tad afraid of him, and I felt like he was a strange giant at some times. It is one of my largest regrets that I did not get to know him better before he left this world. My grandma had been married to him for twenty years by the time he died from a brain tumor that had been treated years before.

    Wedding picture of parents


    This is my parent’s wedding photo, and it shows the youth they both enjoyed when they were married. They have kept their devotion for each other and continue to live together happily today. My mother as always is being romantic, and my father as always insists in being unorthodox. This picture was taken at Sac State, and was taken by Andy Pischalnikoff, a family friend who is a skilled photographer. My father at first did not want to have a child, but my mother talked him into it.



    Maine Trip

    One experience I shall never forget is a trip that my family and I took to Maine. The story is that in fifth grade I was supposed to plan a trip with costs calculated for every day spent. I enjoyed the project so much, that when my family decided to take a trip to the east coast I managed to convince them to spend some days in Maine while we were there and see some of the places I had researched. It turned out to be one of my fondest memories. The beauty of Acadia park was breath taking. I got to experience long tandem bike rides all over the park with my family. The scenery was beautiful with mirror lakes, lush green forests, fresh wild blueberries, and sloping granite mountains. We did a lot of hiking, even going on ladder trails where one is using rungs bolted into the rocks to travel the high altitude path. Experiencing it with my family, and how they were willing to deviate to accommodate what I wanted left a large impression on me.


    Tandena as baby with computer

    It kinda explains my Dad and I, don’t you think?


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