• History: These mouth watering caramels were passed down from my great-great aunt who passed it down to my Grandma B (my father’s side). She gave it to my mother and my mother passed it to me. It is a wonderful recipe that is both simple and very rich. It can be cooked to be soft or extremely chewy. Frequently it is made around Christmas time, as that is when my mother makes many different sweets in huge batches so she can send it to relatives.


    2 cup white sugar

    1 cup heavy whipping cream (it also works with whipping cream)

    1 cup milk (whole or 2%)

    1 cup light corn syrup

    ¼ tsp salt (my mother usually puts in much less)

    Cook in a heavy pot: bring to a boil.

    Cook to hardball stage. Add ¼ cup butter, then add ½ - 1 tsp vanilla.

    Pour into a buttered 9” pan. Cool before cutting and wrapping in wax paper.

    Additional Info:

    The hardball stage, or way to test the caramel is to take a small glass, fill it with ice water, then put in a few drops of caramel straight from the pot. The way it falls to rest on the bottom can determine how cooked it is. If it flattens out or falls as a string instead of droplets, it is too soft. If it falls, but stays in a round ball, it is ready.

    Soft string = soft at room temperature.

    When it is almost ready it is a foamy darker brown.


    History: My mother makes fudge frequently for our family, but when she was a child her parents only made it at Christmas time. Several people in her family have the recipe, and she continues to make it every Christmas, though she makes it other time of the year too. The recipe itself came from a newspaper. The author had asked for the recipe from See’s and after receiving was unexpectedly sent a large bill. Upset over the deal, the person published it in the newspaper so that no one would be charged for the recipe again.


    Set aside:

    2 cup chopped nuts *

    4 cups semi sweet chocolate chips (2 packages of 12 oz.)

    1 cup soft butter or margarine (½ lb)

    Dash salt *

    1 tspn vanilla


    4 ½ cup sugar

    1 canned milk (12 fl oz)

    Boil this 10-12 minutes.

    Quickly stir in the ingredients that were previously set aside.

    Quickly add 1 pt marshmallow crème * (1 bag small marshmallows, 10oz), mix it lightly.

    Pour into buttered pan to cool


    * My mom varied the recipe for our family.

    She has changed it from marshmallow crème to small marshmallows, which she purposely leaves half-melted, half uncooked. She also stopped putting walnuts in and skips the salt too.


    History: My Grandma Jan lived next to a Mexican lady who shared the recipe for making flour tortillas with her. My mother learned in from my Grandma Jan, and had to record the recipe and my Grandma Jan always made it from memory. When I was a child, these tortillas were one of my favorite things, and I loved to help roll the dough into tortillas. My mom would watch over me and be cooking the one I had already rolled, while I struggled with the rolling pin to try and get them into shape.


    2 cup flour

    Dash salt

    ½ - ¾ tspn baking powder

    6 - 8 tbspn warm water

    Mix the salt and the warm water. Mix baking powder and flour. Add flour mixture to water until it is a thin dough. Mix well. Continue to add flour in small amounts until sticky dough consistency. Form into a large ball.

    Rub over w/ cooking oil.

    Let sit covered in warm place 1 to 2 hrs.


    Form into small balls (eg the size of a ball from the game of jacks)

    Roll out flat on floured surface

    Cook on open flame, turning constantly or in hot greaseless pan (until bubbles, few brown spots)


    Makes 15 - 20 tortillas


    History: A really simple recipe that I eat very frequently still today is adding macaroni to tomato soup. My mom called it s’ghetti (sketty) soup, and remembers eating it with her brothers. It is a meal that my mother’s family has eaten since my Grandma Jan was a child. Both my Grandpa Mike and my father do not like it, though my mother, my grandmother, and I love it.



    Make small elbow macaroni:

    Boil water. Add macaroni noodles, cook until soft. (5-7 minutes)


    Make Campbell’s Tomato Soup.

    1 can tomato soup, add 1 can milk, cook until boils.


    Add macaroni to the prepared tomato soup, and eat!



Last Modified on October 7, 2019