• After walking in the library doors I went to the front desk and talked to the clerk there. After asking where I could find information on genealogy. She directed me to the reference desk. I repeated my question and the lady informed me that there were websites accessible from home. She told me that some required a pin and library card and gave me a pamphlet informing me of them. She also helped me by printing off a website of links. I went on to ask for a newspaper archive going back to the 1930’s and was told to go to the central library in order to find them. Other information was given concerning their hours, location, and parking requirements. Next I went to one of the computers and searched for “century world history” and changed it to “20th century” I found an eyewitness, and looked it up in the nonfiction section, but I was unable to find it even though it was supposed to be in the library at the time. Still, in the same area I was able to find a book titled Our Century in Pictures put out by Life and it fit the idea of what I wanted.


Last Modified on April 7, 2015