• My family is like a soap bubble. Suddenly, it just was. Existing perfect and complete, floating above everything and whirling slowly in a cosmos of its own; Heading for distant horizons and always floating upward. It defies all the sensible laws of the universe. Shining in the sun the many colors are all distinct, but all merge and form a complete rainbow. Defying outside influence, it is unique from any other soap bubble that ever was or ever will be. A perfect sphere, it has no end and no beginning, and fits together with no edges.

    My family gets along almost seamlessly and we all fulfill our individual roles. Although we occasionally disagree, we all know that we will never let anything come between us that could ever damage our family. My mother lives to be a good mother and wife, and she always works hard to do what she can to make our family happy. My father is very dedicated to providing the best he can for me, and he loves my mother and I deeply. I both love and like my parents, and I do my best to make them both proud. Each of our inherent desire blend and hold us together. We are united in our unbending morality, always doing what is right even when no one is watching. We also each have our distinct qualities that we bring to the family, and help to strengthen it. Thus our colors blend and make an entire rainbow. My father is more logical, my mother more emotive and I believe I am a blend of the two. We all try to reach an agreement on anything that affects our family as a whole. We are somewhat isolated from others and we have very few “family” friends, although we have many friends that are separate from the other family members. It has always been this way, perfect and complete, and separate from the exterior world. Together we are always working on improving ourselves and our lives, while remaining happy with what we have already. Unlike other families, we rarely fight, and we share our lives and experiences with each other. 

    Like a soap bubble we are a medley blending together each of our traits to form a unique rainbow. Like a soap bubble we rise above the rest of the universe, reflecting it but separate in our nature-defying ways. Like a soap bubble we have no edges and smoothly curve into a complete and perfect unit. Like a soap bubble we head toward the future where the wind blows us, and we travel together wherever we go.


Last Modified on October 7, 2019