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    Tubular Bells

    Mike Oldfield

    Tubular Bells

    The Fool on the Hill

    The Beatles

    1967-1970 Disc 1

    Sunrise Sunset

    Jerry Bock

    Fiddler on the Roof

    Deck the Halls [Welsh Ayles]

    Mannheim Steamroller

    Christmas 1984

    Theme from Bladerunner




    Gershon Kingsley

    7th Single


    My father begin to appreciate music until college. Tubular Bells was one of the first he really liked.

    He also finds song lyrics very important, and The Fool on the Hill is one of his favorite Beatles songs, partly because of this.

    My mother always is singing songs she remembers listening to with her family, mostly from old musicals. Many of the songs she never heard in the actual musical until much later, after falling in love with the music.

    Music we listened to every Christmas is Mannheim Steamroller. We all liked the music, and it was a nice background while we opened presents and enjoyed our Christmas together.

    The theme from Bladerunner reflects my father’s like of the film, as well as his like of techno songs without vocals.

    Popcorn was something that my father remembers because it was one of the first computer generated sounds.

    (My parents didn’t dance to a song, but they had harp music played by a personal friend of theirs at their wedding.)




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