• The Mira Loma High School 

    International Baccalaureate Parents Organization
    is always looking for active parent volunteers
    with currently enrolled MYP or IB Students 


    If you have some time, commitment and skills to assist, we need your volunteer help. Listed below are some volunteer positions. These are usually filled towards the end of the previous school year and yet we need positions filled with volunteers throughout the year.
    Please contact the  IBPO 2017-2018 President: Saundra Esparza-Hubbell if you can offer some of your time and skills.
    Thank you, our Mira Loma IB Community appreciates your help.

  • Board Officers 

    President – The President of the IB Parents Organization is the general manager and chief executive officer of the corporation, and has, subject to the direction and control of the Board, general supervision, direction and control of the business and officers of the corporation. The President shall schedule and notice meetings, set meeting agendas, and preside over meetings.

    Vice President - In the absence or disability of the President, the Vice President of the IB Parents Organization shall perform all the duties of the President, and when so acting, shall have all the powers of the President. The Vice President shall have such other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Board. 
    Vice President Development - The Vice President Development of the IB Parents Organization shall review, have input to and evaluate all Board / Committee efforts to raise funds on behalf of and in support of the IB Parents Organization. The Vice President Development shall have such other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Board.
    Secretary – The Secretary of the IB Parents Organization shall act as Secretary of all meetings of the Board, keep and file the attendance and minutes as required under Article 4, Section 11, and report the same to the Board from time to time as the Board may require. The Secretary shall have other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Board.
    Treasurer – The Treasurer is the chief financial officer of the IB Parents Organization and shall keep such accurate and complete books and fiscal records as are required under Article 6 and shall present regular reports to the Board as the Board may require. The Treasurer and committee Chairpersons shall deposit all monies and valuables in the same name and to the credit of the corporation. The Treasurer shall disburse funds as may be ordered by the Board. The Treasurer shall have such other powers and duties a may be prescribed by the Board. 

    Board Committee Chairs 

    Alumni Breakfast – Our students finish taking their IB exam in the spring of their senior year, but their scores do not arrive until July.  The diplomas are sent to the school in the fall.  In December, we invite the alumni back to receive their IB diplomas and certificates and treat them to breakfast.  After breakfast and an informal recognition ceremony, the alumni break out into groups to talk with Juniors and Seniors about life after high school.  Volunteers are needed to:  maintain and update alumni contact information; send out invitations and keep track of RSVP's; check in the alumni as they arrive; pass out diplomas; provide food donations; monitor the breakfast table; set up and clean up.
    Auditor - Treasurer’s Reports and the financial records are audited for accuracy for each fiscal year.
    Bingo – The Boosters Club organizes volunteers to staff a charity bingo parlor on Monday nights and receives a portion of the proceeds of each night’s profits.  IB parents can designate that the portion earned for their volunteer hours be directed to the IBPO or to any school organization of their choice.  Approximately 21 volunteers are needed each night to sell bingo games from window and on the floor. The Bingo Chair is responsible for soliciting volunteers.
    Churchill Liaison - This person shall liaise between the IB (parent) Boards from both Mira Loma High School and our feeder MYP Program Middle school, Winston Churchill. Attendance at both monthly parent meetings is preferred, offering reports of appropriate, important and emerging information so as to communicate and inform both communities. Create and maintain an effective IBPO parent board volunteer resource pool from Churchill to Mira Loma.
    College Scholarships – This person maintains information regarding college scholarships and college information located in the library.
    College Sunday – IBPO hosts an annual event featuring workshops covering topics related to colleges including selecting a college, the college application process, scholarships and financial aid, admission tests, and essay writing techniques.  Presenters include college advice counselors, financial advisors and college and university personnel.  Volunteers contact and coordinate presenters, facility logistics, mailings, registration, arrange for publicity, and coordinate volunteers.
    Donation Coordinator – This position maintains a record of donations and deposits and sends out thank you letters in accordance with tax regulations.
    Funding Requests – This position directly supports the IB/MYP program by working with teachers and staff to purchase books, supplies, and equipment not covered by San Juan Unified School District or by state funding.  Requests for expenditure of funds are presented to the IBPO Board for approval.
    IB Regalia – Students who have completed IB/MYP coursework are permitted to wear special IB Regalia at the graduation ceremony indicating their academic achievement.  Volunteers sell orders of the regalia and distribute them to the students at the senior diploma check and at the IB Senior Dinner.
    Hospitality – This committee is given a budget to provide snacks at the monthly IBPO meetings as well as to request and organize food donations for lunches for special guests.  This position also organizes the IB Teacher Appreciation Lunch.
    IB Test Proctors – Parent volunteers proctor IB tests held in April and May and makes arrangements for proctor training sessions.  This committee develops a schedule of proctors for each test.  The number of volunteers required is determined by IBO requirements and varies for each test.
    Information/Outreach – In the fall, IBPO works with the MYP coordinator to organize outreach activities for prospective middle school students and families.  IBPO participates in information night at Mira Loma and publicize the IB and Middle Years Programs at Mira Loma.
    MYP Recognition – Volunteers work with the MYP coordinator to recognize MYP students earning the MYP Certificate for their achievement at the end of their sophomore year.
    Programs – Informational programs immediately following the monthly IBPO Board meetings are scheduled at various times throughout the year.  This position determines parent interests and schedules speakers.
    Resource – This committee investigates grant opportunities that could be used to purchase equipment and supplies that would benefit the IB/MYP program.  Committee members write grant applications to benefit the IB/MYP and help staff in writing grant applications.
    SAT Sample Exam – In the spring, the IBPO offers a practice SAT exam followed by a seminar where students receive their scores and advice on how to improve them. This practice exam simulates the conditions under which the actual SAT is administered. Volunteers are needed to coordinate dates with the testing organization, proctor the exams, publicize the event, and register the students.
    Senior Dinner – IB seniors and their families are invited to celebrate their achievements.  Manage venue planning, budget, invitations, ticketing, guest speakers, and agenda for 375 person formal banquet event. Requires basic knowledge of email and online tools (training included). Volunteers organizing the dinner make arrangements for a location and caterer, create and mail invitations, track responses, prepare the program, make seating arrangements, and assist faculty in making awards.  Ten volunteers are needed on the night of the dinner to register families and guests, and to pass out tickets and seating assignments.
    Web Master – Our web master maintains IBPO web pages including sites for online donations, contact information, the carpool blog, and College Sunday registration.
    Major Events Supported by the IBPO
    College Sunday – This is a major event and is a series of workshops covering a variety of topics regarding colleges and universities. Workshops cover topic such as the college application process, financial aid and scholarships, admissions tests, and essay writing techniques.
    IB Information Night – IBPO assists Mira Loma staff to provide information about the IB/MYP to interested middle school students and their families.
    Programs – IBPO provides informational programs scheduled throughout the year and follow our monthly board meetings.  In the past, these programs have included teachers talking about their classes as well as speakers discussing the college application process.
    Alumni Breakfast – In December, recent IB graduates are invited back to Mira Loma to pick up their diplomas and certificates.  IBPO treats them to breakfast and a recognition program. After breakfast, the alumni break out into groups and talk with current juniors and seniors about life after high school.
    Teacher Appreciation Lunch – Mira Loma IB teachers put in hours of their own time to prepare meaningful lessons for our students or to coach students working on personal projects or the extended essay or community service projects.  Many go an extra mile and offer help before school, at lunch, and after school.  In addition, they spend hours writing letters to the admission offices of colleges and universities all over the country.  Parents provide a lunch for our teachers to show them that we appreciate all that they do for our students.
    SAT Sample Test – IBPO sponsors an unofficial practice SAT test open to students in January or February.  The practice test is simulates the conditions under which the actual SAT is administered.  The results are given to students along with feedback about how to improve their scores.
    IB Exams – IBPO provides proctors for written and oral IB exams taken by juniors and seniors in April and May.  We also help to pay the costs of administering the exam including overnight postage to the European cities where the exams are scored, needs-based financial aid to pay for the exams, and for the rental of facilities.
    IB Senior Dinner – IB seniors and families are invited to a special dinner honoring their achievements.  This catered event at a hotel includes students, families, staff, and honored guests. 
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