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    TK and Kindergarten Class Information

    Welcome to Coyle Avenue School

    2018 - 2019

    We would like to welcome you and your child to TK/kindergarten! We have many helpful ideas for you in this packet. We suggest that you keep this information in a convenient location to refer to throughout the year.  


    7:55  - 11:15  every day.

    Children should not arrive earlier than ten minutes before the start of school. There is no supervision prior to this time and it is very important that you remain with your child if you arrive earlier.

    One early morning option is breakfast. Breakfast is served every day, starting at 7:20 AM. Cafeteria meals may be prepaid online at http//www.myschoolbucks.com or in person in the cafeteria. Many families qualify for the district’s free/reduced meal program. Please complete the form that is available in the office and wait until you are notified by Food Services before taking advantage of this program.

    Lunch is also available in the cafeteria at the end of the TK/kindergarten day. A lunch sign up will be available on an easel outside of the classroom door each day. Children, whose names are on the list, will be walked down to the cafeteria for lunch. Please note: supervision is provided only until 11:20. Parents should plan on picking their child up from the cafeteria no later than 11:30, but are welcome to stay with their child as they finish eating.


    At the end of day, if someone other than those on the approved pick-up card will be picking up your child, please let us know by phone or written note. No child may leave school with another child or adult without your permission. Be sure to fill out the provided index card with the names and phone numbers of the people who may pick-up your child before leaving today.

    When you pick up your child, please be on time. Children worry about you when you are late.  Please call/email to let us know if you are running late.

    If your child arrives after school has started, or if you need to check your child out early, you must check your child in/out through the office BEFORE coming to the classroom. Please do not come to the classroom first.


    It is difficult for children and teachers when children arrive late. We start learning right away! A consistent routine of arriving on time insures that every child has a great start to the day. Please help us by establishing a regular routine to help your child get to school on time, ready to learn. 


    If your child will not be attending school, you are required to call the attendance line at 979-8006 (available 24 hours). If a call is not possible, the law requires that you send a note to the office stating the reason for the absence on the day your child returns to school. All absences need to be cleared within 5 days. Please refer to the district attendance police in the Parent Handbook.


    At Coyle Avenue School, we emphasize student behavior that helps us create a safe, educationally productive, and happy place for all students.

    Coyle Avenue School Rules

    Be Safe

    Be Responsible

    Be Respectful

    In our efforts to do this, we utilize a program of school wide positive behavior support.

    Both classes utilize a color chart Behavior Management System that encourages children to be ready to learn and demonstrate great character. It is a dynamic system that allows them to change behavior that is interrupting their learning or the learning of others. Please see the attached family letter outlining our Second Step program for more information.

    All students have the opportunity to receive our Cougar “Paws”itive tickets that can be exchanged for various items at the Pawsitive Store throughout the year. Students can also earn marbles for the classroom marble jar, individual stickers, and other positive incentives to encourage kind, respectful, ready to learn behavior. If a student chooses to engage in behavior that is not safe, is disrespectful, or interferes with learning, we will utilize natural consequences to help change behavior. It is our goal to guide each child into making choices that help him/her learn to be good citizens as they grow both academically and socially.


    All students will receive homework READING LOG CALENDARS on the first Friday of each month. Completed reading logs are due on the last Thursday of each month. Research overwhelmingly states that reading to and with your child often is the very best way to help your child become a successful reader; which in turn translates to success in school. It is important to involve your child in their homework by having him/her color in the items on the reading log each time you read and have them sign their name. Please write book titles on the back of each log. Books from the school library and student made books in class may be included in your reading.

    As you read for pleasure, make a habit of thinking thoughtfully about the book by asking questions to help build comprehension. Questions that generate more than one right answer are better than “right there in the book” questions.

    “Who was Frog’s best friend in Frog and Toad?”    (A “right there” question)

    “Why do you think Frog wanted to be his friend?”  (A thinking question)

    Have your child retell the story when you finish to check for understanding. On another night, let him/her turn the tables and ask you to retell the story – just to keep it fun!


    Along with the monthly reading log, we will provide fun home activities/games you and your child can play together. We will share these activities with you during our first APTT team meeting on Sept. 4, 5:00 – 5:45 PM

    APTT stands for Academic Parent Teacher Team. Be sure to mark your calendar for this exciting event (in lieu of Back to School Night). Childcare will be provided.


    You will be receiving Scholastic Book Club order forms throughout the year. Book Clubs are a very inexpensive way to build your family library and encourage your child to be a lifelong lover of reading. On the back of each order form, you will find the date that the order and payment must be returned to school. No cash money will be accepted. Order forms and checks should be sealed in an envelope with your child’s name written on the front of the envelope. Checks/Money Orders need to be made out to SCHOLASTIC BOOKS not the teacher.

    ONLINE ORDERING is available and much, much easier to manage. Plus, the class gets free books and free shipping when a parent orders online. It usually takes about two weeks for the order to arrive. If you would like to order books for a special occasion such as a birthday or holiday, indicate that on the order envelope, as well. When you purchase books through Scholastic, the class receives points to exchange for books for our classroom library. Everyone benefits from the wonderful selection of books the club offers!


    Children may bring a SMALL snack to eat during their recess. Please do not send a whole “lunch”. One small snack and/or a drink are just enough to give a little energy and still have time to play. Running, climbing, and jumping are important! We appreciate your efforts to not include nut products as part of your child’s snack 

     Polar Bears keep their snacks close by the playground in their backpacks.

     Bumblebees need to take their snack out of their backpacks and put it in one of the snack baskets so it can be easily transported to the playground at snack time. Please do put names on snack containers or on the snack itself.


    Please remember to label anything that belongs to your child that may come unattached from him/her throughout the day – backpacks, jackets, etc. It is much easier to get it back to the proper owner if there is a first name and last initial already on the item.  Unclaimed items go to the Lost and Found in the cafeteria.


    We love to celebrate birthdays in our classrooms but we also want to be sensitive to personal family beliefs. Please let us know if you have an objection to having your child participate in birthday, holiday activities, or cultural practices (i.e. flag salute).

    FOOD: Classroom Guidelines and Alternate Suggestions Below

    NO PEANUT OR PEANUT PRODUCT ITEMS as we have children with nut allergies.

    As of July 1, 2007, all schools have adopted health and dietary restrictions for food. We are no longer allowed to accept homemade food items. All items brought to school to be enjoyed by the whole class must be brought in the original packaging from the store or bakery where it was purchased. We encourage you to consider healthy alternatives to high fat and high sugar treats such as fruit snacks low in fat and sugar, fresh PRECUT fruit or veggies, muffins rather than heavily frosted cupcakes, individual bags of crackers, special pencils, or even a class Birthday Book.  A Birthday book is a book that your child donates to our class library. It can be informational (For example, All about Dinosaurs) or fictional (For example, Goldilocks and the Three Bears). It should be appropriate for kindergarten aged children. We would be happy to share suggestions for favorite book titles!  Please do consider a nonfood alternative to birthday celebrations as some children with food allergies would be excluded from food items.

     Let your teacher know if you have an objection to celebrating birthdays or if you would rather that your child did not participate in civic activities such as the flag salute.

    Please contact your child’s teacher in advance if you plan to send a book or treat to share for your child’s birthday.


    Your child will have an opportunity to be a Super Star in our class. Please refer to the information sheet attached to the poster. In addition, there will be opportunities for all students to participate in fun family projects throughout the year that are integrated with our curriculum.


    Please do not allow your child to bring toys and other items from home unless requested. They cause disruptions from learning and often get lost.


    We love to have assistance in our classrooms and kindergartners love to have their families be a part of our classrooms. Volunteers are needed for small group instruction, library time, special projects, and events, and for material preparation at home. Please see your child’s teacher for information on how you can become a regular volunteer and MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE in our classroom. Volunteers who come in on a regular basis need to be fingerprinted (Livescan) at the San Juan District office.  Pick up the fingerprint form in our office before going to the district office on Walnut Avenue in Carmichael. This is a free service for San Juan District school volunteers. We appreciate your support and the extra distance you go to help keep our children safe as they learn!

    Thank you for all you do! It’s going to be a GREAT year!

    Aris Wilson                









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