• TK / Kindergarten Supply List

    We recognize that many families wish to provide supplies for their own student or donate materials for the entire school community and are welcome to do so at any time. The supplies listed are suggested materials and are not required of any student or family to fully participate in the school’s academic program. All required materials and supplies will be provided by schools to students at no cost.

    For School:

    Ø A regular size backpack labeled on the outside with student’s name. (Big enough for a folder to fit inside)

    Individual Supplies:

    1 Box of 16 or 24 crayons

    1 Box of 8 or 16 sharpened colored pencils

    1 pink eraser (rectangular, not top cap eraser)

    2 sharpened pencils

    Shared Classroom Supplies to be used by everyone, please do not label:

    Ø Glue sticks (large and small sizes)

    Ø Pencil top cap erasers

    Ø Baby wipes

    Ø Disinfectant cleaning wipes

    Ø Kleenex

    Ø Pump bottles of hand sanitizer

    Ø Zip lock baggies (gallon, sandwich)

    Ø Playdough

Last Modified on June 9, 2022