• Stop! 

    Don't throw away that paper towel tube! 


    Last year, I visited the Children's Museum in Austin, Texas. Amid all of the fancy displays and interactive activities, the favorite place for my grandson was upstairs. There they housed a collection of everyday donated items that could be turned into anything his heart and brain could imagine. 


    I'd like to recreate that place on a smaller scale for our own future artists and engineers. Kids love to create and problem solve using things that adults would never consider treasure. Please look at the list below and send in any of the listed items (or others that you can think of) throughout the year. Space is limited so let me know in advance if you have an abundance of treasure to donate. 


    Thank you for helping us foster curiosity and creativity in our classroom!


    Oh! No toilet paper tubes, please. Eww...




    paper towel tubes (future rocket cylinders)

    empty cube shaped tissue boxes (future word boxes)

    empty rectangular tissue boxes

    gift wrap

    gift wrap tubes


    empty plastic adult (not baby wipe) personal wet wipe containers (great sturdy -just-the right-size  boxes)



    fabric scraps

    paper - all kinds and colors

    feathers  (purchased, not wild)
Last Modified on May 14, 2015