• We have such wonderful opportunities to enhance your child's learning by participating in numerous field trips throughout the year that support our curriculum.  Most trips use parent drivers, if you plan to drive on a trip you must be fingerprinted and have a vehicle usage form on file with the office.  Please see Fran or Terre in the office for any necessary forms.  I post sign up sheets on the little table outside our classroom door about 2-3 weeks prior to any trip.  Many trips have a limited number of seats for parents, so sign up fast if you want to drive or chaperone!  Kinders require our full attention, so siblings are not allowed.  I try to use vehicles that can seat the most children and then send another parent chaperone along in the car for extra supervision, if possible.  Your child must be in a booster seat, since the requirement is the child must be 8 years old or 80 lbs to just use a seatbelt.   Thank you for making our program such a fantastic experience for your child!

    ~Mrs. Neff

    Ready for a field trip!  

    Here is a list of some possible field trips that Kindergarten may participate in....

    Specific field trip dates will be shared at Back to School Night and will be updated throughout the year as the dates are confirmed.

    Pumpkin Patch Field Trip-  October

      We will travel by bus to Dave's Pumpkin Patch to conclude our learning about plants and the growth cycle of a pumpkin.  We will begin our trip with a hayride to the pumpkin patch to go on a scavenger hunt looking for each part of the actual growth cycle to see with our own eyes!  We will get to enjoy looking at the animals, scarecrows, hay pyramid and we'll end with a picnic!  Kids will select a pumpkin (as big as they can carry! No helping parents!)  to take back to class for some fun math centers.  The bus usually will leave at 9:00 am SHARP and we'll return by noon for dismissal.  Any parents can join our class and carpool to meet us there.  Sign up outside the classroom after October 1st if you'd like to join us!

    Thanksgiving Program-  November
       All Kindergarten families are invited to the MP Room to sit back and enjoy your Kinder on stage singing Thanksgiving songs!  A feast will follow the short 20 minute performance for all to enjoy.  The show is usually from 9:45-10:45 am.  Come early and get a good seat, it's always a full house!  No school the next day, Friday, Nov. 18th for a teacher workday, any Kinder being checked out before 12:00 pm must be signed out at the office.

    Shriners Children's Hospital- December

    We will be headed downtown to the Shriners Children's Hospital for a Burn Prevention field trip!  The hospital puts on a fabulous, free trip for us to teach all about fire safety and burn prevention.  The students will rotate through 3 activities.  One rotation is with a group of real firefighters! They teach us all about their truck, showing us all the nooks and crannies in each compartment, what everything is for and even show some of their heavy duty tools!  They even dress me up in one of their uniforms to show the kids that it's just a suit, not someone scary at all!  Another station is playing a game show about common household items that can cause burns.  The last station has students going inside a "smokehouse" (a small camper) and locating potential hazards for fire & possible burns.  Then they travel back to the bedroom and learn how to feel the door for heat, the room fills with mock "smoke" to illustrate where the cleanest air is in a fire (on the ground!) and finally, they get to climb out the window to safety with the help of the staff.  It's an amazing, informational, educational and potentially life-saving field trip for all who attend!

    Stockton Children's Museum- February

       To enhance our unit, "Community Helpers" we will travel to Stockton to explore the amazing Children's Museum!  This wonderful museum is full of life-size, real vehicles and exhibits that the Kinders can touch, climb on and explore for themselves!  There is a real firetruck, police car and motorcycle, helicopter, ambulance and city bus for them to climb on, sit in/on and experience.  There is also a grocery store, water conservation exhibit, shadow room, puppet show stage, art room and even an exhibit by Kaiser Permanente of the human eye!  All of these fantastic exhibits make the long trek very worth while!!  We will enjoy a sack lunch on site before returning to school. 

    Three Piggy Opera

    Three Piggy Opera-  March

        Your adorable Kinder will take the stage in the MP room to perform a musical of the familiar fairytale!  Invite all your family and friends and come early to get a good seat!  You won't want to miss this performance of our class, it's sure to be the cutest show your child will be in all year!  We usually have the show filmed by either a parent or professional (more info to follow) with DVD's available for purchase.  The show will start at 6:30 pm, with children arriving to the classroom by 6:00 pm to get dressed in costume.  This is always one of the fondest Del Dayo Kindergarten memories!

    Junie B. Jones-  (if available)

        We will travel to the beautiful Crest Theatre in Downtown Sacramento to see our favorite character, Junie B. Jones, on stage in a musical!  I am one of the biggest Junie B. fans around and when I saw this production coming our way I signed up our class as quickly as I could!  Just our class will be going, we will leave around 9:15 am for our 10 am show and eat a sack lunch on the State Capitol lawn before returning to school.  There are only 7 parent seats available, so sign up quickly if you'd like to join  us!  

    Explorit-  March 

        We will have a science presentation come to Del Dayo to enhance our unit, "A World of Animals."  We will be learning all about animal characteristics, life cycles and habitat.  We will rotate through centers to explore animal hides, animal skulls and bones, habitat guessing games, life cycle sequencing and even get to touch live animals!  This is a perfect way to conclude our learning about the many different types of animals!

    Crest Theater or B Street Theater play (varies each year)- May

        We will travel (again) to the beautiful Crest Theatre or B Street Theater in Downtown Sacramento to see a live play performance.  When the Crest Theater is our venue, we will enjoy a sack lunch on the State Capitol lawn after the show before returning to school.  B Street Theater has a park adjacent to the parking lot where we enjoy a sack lunch before returning to school. There are a limited number of parent seats available whenever we attend either venue, so sign up quickly if you want to join us!

    Folsom Zoo-  May

           To enrich our unit "Animals All Around," we will visit the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary.  This small zoo sends an incredible message about their rescued animal residents, animals belong in their natural habitat...not in our homes as pets.  We will have a docent-led tour of the zoo and then eat a sack lunch in the adjoining park and play on the playground before returning to school.

    Kindergarten Family Picnic- May or June

        We will celebrate an incredible year in Kindergarten by inviting families to join us in Kindergarten!  We will celebrate with water games (prepare to get wet!) and a family BBQ on the playground to conclude our fabulous year.  All families are invited (siblings, too!) and encouraged to come!  We will enjoy an ice cream sundae buffet after lunch.  It's sure to be a fantastic day to end an amazing year!

Last Modified on May 21, 2015