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    Absences   If your child will be absent, please call the office absence line as soon as possible @ (916) 575-2327 to report the absence. You may also email tterzakis@sanjuan.edu.

    Any make-up work will be saved for your child to complete when he or she is well.  However, you may call the office early in the day if you would like to pick-up daily work while your child is out.  

    If your child will be absent for an extended period of time, please contact me  at least 10 days in advance for an Independent Study Contract. These must be pre-approved by Mr. Harp.  The contract will include work to be completed during the absence.  No contracts are approved for vacations. Most of the work we do at school occurs in the classroom and requires active participation from the students.

    Arrival Please drop off your child between 7:50 and 8:00 a.m.  Children may hang up totes and turn in homework, Thursday envelopes and library books in the hallway by our classroom.   They may play on the playground before the first bell rings.  We line up at the puppy paws at the west side of the primary building.  DO NOT drop of your child before 7:50 as there is no supervision before then.

    Assessment  We use rubric scoring. Scores do not translate into A, B, C, D or F.

                4   A score of “4” indicates excellence on a consistent basis with evidence of superior understanding.  This score is only given when a child can, both verbally and in writing, exhibit a level of learning that surpasses grade level expectations.

                3   A score of “3” is validation for a child who regularly masters all 1st grade challenges with a standard.           

                2   A score of “2” indicates approaching grade level expectations. This child is not understanding a concept, not reading at 1st grade level, or not behaving in class in a manner conducive to quality learning.

                1   A score of “1” clearly shows that a child is “failing to thrive” and needs intervention.

    Attendance On-time, regular attendance is essential for academic and social growth.  Our first bell rings at 8:00 and we begin promptly.  Children arriving after 8:00 a.m. will be marked tardy and must be signed in at the school office before coming to the classroom.  


    Our Rules for Behavior are:

    S - Be SAFE


    A - Always be RESPONSIBLE


    K - BE KIND

    A lot of time is spent at the beginning of the year discussing what these rules mean and how they look.  Good behavior management is essential for an optimum learning environment, so the time we spend laying the groundwork helps our classroom stay on task throughout the year.

    I like to use positive reinforcement in my classroom by recognizing when children are making good choices.  I do this through verbal praise or sending a note home.  Tickets (and later coins) can be earned for good behavior which may be used in our class store. However, my goal is for children to be intrinsically motivated to make a good choice because it's the right thing to do and not because they will get a reward for doing so.

    A "CLIP UP AND DOWN" system is used to help remind children if a behavior needs to be changed and to reward good behavior and work habits.

    Natural and logical consequences will result if a student chooses not to follow the rules.  Each situation is unique. Please contact me if you have any questions!

    Birthdays Birthdays are fun for children to celebrate in the classroom.  The child gets a crown to wear and take home.  The class sings "Happy Birthday" to the birthday child. Bringing in special treats is a Del Dayo tradition, although optional.   If you want to add to the celebration, you may participate in our Del Dayo Library’s "Birthday Book Program" where your child treats the library to a book on his/her birthday.

    We no longer encourage food for birthdays. However, if you do send food, please note that our Food and Nutrition Guidelines require food to be from a health inspected facility. The exception is that fruit or veggies may be prepared and brought in. We encourage healthy treats. 

    Please, please, please do not send in birthday party invitations for me to hand out unless all children in the class will be invited.  First graders are very observant and they do notice these things.  Thank you! 

    Book Orders Scholastic book orders are a great, inexpensive way for you to build your child's library with quality books and encourage a lifelong love of reading!  When you place an order you also help me earn bonus points.  I use these bonus points to obtain free books and materials for our classroom.

    Book orders are sent home once a month except those months we have a Book Fair at school.  As many as 3 catalogs may come home at one time.  If you wish to place an order, please follow the directions of our Book Order volunteers.  If you send the order in with your child, please do the following: 

    ·          Fill out the order form(s) with your child's name and clearly mark the book(s) you are ordering.  

    ·           Please write one check (no cash, please) payable to "Scholastic Book Clubs" for the total of all the orders you submit. You may also order on line.

    ·           Send the order back to school in a sealed envelope with your child's name and "Scholastic Book Order" on it by the due date.

    The books will arrive 7-10 days after the order is placed.

    Breakfast   Please make sure your child arrives to school having had a nutritious breakfast.  We have a busy day, and a good breakfast will ensure optimum learning!  Breakfast is not served at our school site.


    Colors  Our school colors are BLUE and GOLD!

    Communication  I value open communication between home and school and I encourage you to contact me at any time with any questions or concerns.  You can write a note on your child's communication log or reach me the following ways:

    Office Phone:  575-2323 for Voicemail

    BEST WAY   E-mail: asanto@sanjuan.edu

    I will respond to you within 24 hours.

    Computer Lab Once a week, I will take the class to the computer lab for 45 minutes.  I will do a structured activity with them that corresponds to what we are learning in first grade.

    Conferences Parent-Teacher conferences will be held in November for everyone and in March we will have student-led conferences.  At this time, I will go over your child's report card with you and discuss what I have observed regarding your child's learning abilities, social skills and classroom behavior.  While this may make you feel a little nervous, please believe me when I say that I really do enjoy conferencing with you about your child.  I value your input and look forward the opportunity to discuss your child with you.  If at any time you want to schedule a conference with me, please call or email me so that we can set up a time.


    D'Nealian Manuscript  A copy of the handwriting lettering we use in class is in the homework binders.  Please keep this at home and use it as a reference when working with your child.  Please remember that this is a reference and not a mandatory rule.  We want every child to love writing and not feel threatened because they don't form their letters perfectly

    Dismissal  Dismissal time is 2:30.  If you are picking up your child, please wait outside of the school entrance door.  Waiting in the hallways is distracting to the students and may create confusion if we are not able to find you in the designated area.  Please check out with your firstie’s teacher.   We will walk to the front of the school to meet you.  Discovery Club members will be walk with us and then walk to the DC rooms.

    Dragon   Our school mascot is Dee Dee Dragon.  You might see her around school on special days!   Go DRAGONS!


    Early Dismissal  If you need to pick up your child from school before the end of the day, you will need to sign him/her out in the office.  The office will call my classroom to let me know your child needs to leave.

    Emergency Information An emergency card for each child must be on file in the office.  In addition to your home phone number, please list all work, pager and cell phone numbers where you can be reached.  Also, please provide numbers for relatives, friends and neighbors that would be available to pick up your child in the event of illness, accident or an emergency school closing.  Please notify the office if there are any corrections, additions or deletions to this card during the school year.


    Field Trips  For any field trip taken, you will need to fill out a permission form so your child may go.  Copies are made to keep in the office, and for drivers.  Please fill out these important forms promptly and completely.  

    Full Day It may take several weeks for your child to transition to a full day of learning.  You can help ease this by making sure your child goes to bed at the same time every night and eats a nutritious breakfast every morning.  Your child may also require a short nap once s/he comes home at the end of the day.  Especially at the beginning of the year, I encourage you to limit your child's play dates and involvement in extra-curricular activities.  When your child does arrive home, allow him/her a little "down" time before asking a lot of questions and starting homework.  Like adults, children also need time to decompress.

    Give Me Five   First grade teachers use this phrase to get the children's attention.  When the teacher says, "Give me five," the students are to stop what they are doing, raise their hand high and look at the teacher.  The "Five" stands for:

    • Eyes are watching
    • Ears are listening
    • Hands and feet are still
    • Mouths are quiet
    • Brains are thinking

    Growth First grade is a year of significant academic growth.  There is a large range of "normal" in first grade.  Some children are ready to master concepts earlier in the year than others.  It is my job to differentiate instruction so that all children will reach their learning potential.


    Hallway Bulletin Boards  Please be sure to look at the bulletin boards in the hallway.  They are an extension of our classrooms!  My favorite is the monthly photos and sentences.  

    Homework The homework that is given to the children is intended to enrich the learning that has taken place in the classroom.  It also fosters responsibility and helps your child establish good work habits.  Homework binders will come home Mondays and are to be returned on Fridays.  Please keep all pages intact as we use these year to year.  New pages may be added as the year progresses.  The homework is designed to allow for a variety of levels and creativity.  

    A family project may also be included with the monthly homework.  This is a fun activity for families to do together.  


    "I" Messages As part of the De-Bug System, we will be incorporating the use of "I" Messages to help students solve a problem with another student.  

    Purposes & Uses of "I" Messages

    ·          "I" Messages are a key part of respectful, assertive speaking that allows you to express how you feel without attacking, putting down or blaming.

    ·          When you are upset, hurt, or angry, an "I" Message can help you talk things through without getting into an escalating confrontation.

    ·          "I" Messages help facilitate constructive dialogue and problem-solving.

    ·           "I" Messages are a particularly good way to prevent escalation of arguments and avoid putting others on the defensive.

    ·          An "I" Message is a way to be strong without being mean when you are angry, upset or disappointed with something another person has done.

    ·          "I" Messages can also be used to express positive feelings.

    Formula of an "I" Message

    I feel __________________ (say your feeling) when you _________________ (describe the behavior or what happened) because __________________ (tell why you feel that way).  I want ______________ (ask for a change in behavior or what you want to happen).

    Example of an "I" Message

    Annie, I feel sad when you laugh at me because it hurts my feelings.  I would like you to stop laughing at me.

    An alternative to an "I" Message is "A Bug and a Wish," and this may be easier for first graders to say:  "It bugs me when you ______________.  I wish you would ________________ ."

    Illness Your child's health is very important in order for optimum learning to occur.  If your child is ill, please keep him or her home until s/he is well.   The rule of thumb is that your child should be fever free and vomit free for 24 hours before returning to school.  



    Jobs  We have classroom jobs!  Please ask your child what his or her job is.

    June Box   A June Box is a special box we store items brought to school that distract children from learning such as toys. 



    Label, Label, Label!  Please mark all removable clothing and loose items with your child's first and last name.  You would be amazed at how quickly unclaimed items can accumulate (especially in the winter!).  This will go a long way in helping to keep us organized.

    Library Day   Our Library Class day is MONDAY.  Books are due on Mondays.

    Lost & Found Our school lost and found is located in the hallway next to the MP Room restrooms. Unlabeled items are brought to Lost and Found regularly.  If your child loses something and it is not located in the classroom, please check this area.

    Lunch Eating lunch at school is very exciting for first graders!  Our lunch time is 11:15 - 11:55.  The children have twenty minutes to eat and twenty minutes of recess.  If children need more time to eat they may do so.   

    Lunch Boxes Children who bring lunch from home may bring it in a bag or a lunch box.  We will keep our lunches on our tote hooks until it is time to go to the cafeteria.  Snacks may be kept in the lunch boxes. If your child's lunch needs to be chilled, please make sure to include an ice-pack, as I do not have access to a refrigerator.  Please label all bags, containers, etc. with your child's name.

    Lunch Tickets  You may purchase a lunch ticket.  The lunch ticket does not need to be used on consecutive days.  If you are purchasing a ticket for your child, please refer to Food Services on our San Juan Website, teacher.sanjuan.edu.  If you do send the money in please send an envelope or baggie labeled with your child's name, my name and the amount of money enclosed.  I will make sure it is sent to the cafeteria.  Please do not send in loose money, as it may get lost.  Thank you.

    Lunchroom Rules   Good table manners are expected and encouraged!


    Medication In order for medication to be given at school, we need a signed permission slip from the parents and a completed San Juan form to be signed by your child’s doctor.   Your child's medication must be labeled with a pharmacy logo and must indicate your child's name.  According to state law, no over the counter drugs will be administered without a written order from a doctor.  This includes items such as Tylenol, aspirin, cough drops, etc.

    Money Please send any money to school in a sealed envelope labeled with your child's name, my name, the amount, and the reason (i.e., lunch, book order, etc.).  Please put the money in your child's Take Home folder so that I am sure to receive it.


    Newsletter You will receive a classroom newsletter via email.  It will give you an idea of the happenings in our classroom and keep you up-to-date on the things we are learning! 

    Numbers   Every student has a number to help with our organizational system.  Books, hooks, binders, etc. are labeled with number.  


    Outside Weather permitting, we will go outside for recess.  Please make sure your child has appropriate outside attire.


    Parties  We typically have the following parties in my classroom: Halloween, December Holiday, Valentine’s Day & End of the Year.  All parties include learning centers.  

    P.E.   Please be sure your child has good shoes for running, jumping and exercising on P.E. days and every day.  

    Photographs I love using my digital camera to give you a picture of what it is we are doing in our classroom.  Pictures may be posted on our class website.  Please make sure you have filled out and signed the note regarding photos if you DO NOT want your child’s photo included.  Forms are available the San Juan website.  


    Questions If at any time you have questions about anything going on in the classroom, do not hesitate to contact me.  I will be glad to talk with you!


    Recess Students will have recess each day.  Recess provides children with a physical release and gives them a time to socialize with friends from other classrooms.  Unless it is raining, we will go outside every day.  Please keep this in mind when your child is getting dressed in the morning.  

    Please do not allow your child to bring toys from home to play with on the playground.  We will have balls and other equipment for the children to use during recess time.  Thank you!

    Report Cards Report cards are issued 3 times a year.  The first report card will be given to you at our fall conference where I will discuss it with you in-depth.  When report cards are sent home with your child, they will be enclosed in an envelope.  Please sign the front of the envelope and return it to me.  The report card is yours to keep.

    Responsibility Basket  We have a Responsibility Basket in our room for completed classroom work.  Other baskets or bins will be placed outside the rooms for Notes, Library books, Thursday Envelopes and Homework.  Notes may also be handed directly to me, especially those of a confidential nature.

    Restroom   Primary restrooms are located in the primary hallway, I teach the children sign language for "bathroom."  Because the restrooms are outside of the classroom children must let us know when they need to leave the room.  


    Snacks Each morning we will take a snack break.  The children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack from home.  It is a good idea to put a non-perishable snack in the totes for times when your child is hungry at the morning recess. 

    Specials We participate in four specials a week for 40 minutes each: P.E., Art, Library & Music.  The times will be listed on the classroom websites soon.

    Star of the Week Star of the Week is an activity that allows each child to be the class STAR for the week.  During this time, your child will be recognized for the special person s/he is!  Your child will also get to share a collection or talent with the class, bring more photos to share, bring 2-3 favorite books for our Star of the Week’s Book Picks, and stickers for the homework folders.  We will make a special book of letters for each child.


    Tardies If your child arrives later than 8:00, they need to be signed in at the office before walking down to the classroom.  Our morning routine begins the minute the bell rings. It is important that children are at school on time so that they can get settled in and become acclimated.

    Thursday Envelopes  These come home every Thursday.  Please take the time to review the contents and go over the work with your firstie.   Please return the envelope on Fridays.  

    Toys Toys may only be brought if requested for a special activity such as Show and Tell or Star of the Week.  Toys at school are usually a distraction from our learning.  This includes trading cards, silly bands,  electronic games & devices, stuffed animals, etc.  We also don't want a treasured toy to be broken or damaged as a result of an accident with it at school.

    Transportation Changes  If your child will be going home a different way than usual, please send me a note or call the school office.  Please do not email me about a transportation change, as I may not check my email until after school is over unless you know a day in advance.  Your child will not be allowed to go home a different way than usual without written or notification from you.



    Visitors For the safety of all in the school building, we ask that you sign in at the office and obtain a visitor's badge when you arrive.  Please do not walk directly to the classroom without obtaining a visitor's badge.  If you are a frequent visitor, I know that this may seem like a hassle but our responsibility as a school is to maintain a safe environment.

    Volunteers I value volunteers and encourage parents to volunteer in my classroom.  If you want to volunteer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly I encourage you to do so!  If you are unable to come into the classroom to volunteer but would like to do some work at home, I am grateful for that assistance as well.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact me so that we can plan a schedule for you.



    Water Bottles I strongly encourage you to send a small pop-top water bottle labeled with your child's name.  Research shows that hydrated brains are learning brains!  The children will bring the water bottles home to be washed.  Please make sure that the water bottle cap is the "pull up" kind and not the twist off kind.  This will really help with spills.

    Website Check out our website http://teacher.sanjuan.edu/webpages/asanto/.  I will update it regularly .  I encourage you to use this resource and please contact me with any suggestions of things you may like to see included!

    Words of Wisdom Every morning we have an all school Pledge to the Flag.  This is followed by Mr. Harp’s Words of Wisdom.   Words of Wisdom help us learn good character traits.  


    X'tra TLC Especially at the beginning of the year, children may need some extra assurance from you that they will do just fine in first grade.  It is perfectly normal for children to feel overwhelmed, tired, nervous, etc. during the first several weeks of the school year.  Simply acknowledging this with your child will be a big help for him or her.  Once routines at home and school are established, things will run quite smoothly.  Remember--your child is transitioning from spending 3 hours at school to spending 6 hours at school.  This is a big undertaking, especially for 5- and 6-year olds.  Strive to maintain a positive attitude for your child.  Rest assured that I will do my best to make the transition as easy as possible for you and for your child.  Please contact me with any concerns at any time.


    You You are the most important adult in your child's life, and no one knows your child better than you.  You are your child's biggest supporter in their education, and I sincerely value your input.


    Zzzzz Young children need plenty of rest each night to prepare for a full day of learning.  It's important to set and stick to a nightly bedtime so that your child is ready to go when morning comes. 

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