Welcome to Mrs. Broadwater's Math Class.




    Dear Parents, & Guardians;

         I would like to introduce myself, I am Teri Broadwater and I teach 8th grade math at Arden. I have been at Arden for 21 years and still think Arden Rocks!  This year will be a unique experience for all of us, but I am going to do my best to make your life easier and provide your child with a positive learning experience.

         In order to streamline information to you and your child I will be posting all assignments and notes in 1 place - Google Classroom. I will set up notifications to be sent to you so you will see what students see on Google Classroom on a weekly basis. You are free to decline these messages , I totally understand how overwhelming notifications from 6 teachers can get to be a bit too much. However, you can also have your child log in and show you the page. 

         Google Classroom is the go to place for your student. They will find their weekly assignments.  My website is the go to place for parents and guardians.  This letter along with a FAQ page, your student's zoom schedule, student's zoom link and other online resources will be on my website.   Welcome to Mrs. Broadwater's home page!

         I would appreciate any questions you may have being sent to me through email at tbroadwater@sanjuan.edu

         This years schedule is similar to a block schedule.  Each period will meet live 3 days a week at the beginning of the period. I will begin by taking attendance as required by the district. This will be followed by a lesson on our current module using Zoom. Once the lesson is complete students may log off and complete the day’s assignment. I will be staying available on Zoom for your child to re-enter the Zoom and ask questions or get individual help.  My hope is that by providing tutoring time each period it will reduce much of the frustration students and parents experienced last spring.

         The biggest help you can give me is getting your child on time to our Zoom class with the necessary materials. Pencil, Paper, calculator, textbook or assignment pages.


    Supply list:

      • Graph paper- to graph and solve our problems along the way
      • Pencils to document our adventure
      • Erasers (just in case we get lost)
      • A scientific calculator
      • Chromebook
      • Textbook

    Grading Scale:

       70% of the academic grade is based on “Individual Assessments.”  This includes tests and quizzes.           

       20% of the academic grade is from “Problem Solving Assessments.”  In these activities students must make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

       10% of the academic grade is based on “IXL Practice.”   

              100% ~ 90% A  

              89% ~ 80%  B  

              79% ~ 70%  C

              69% ~ 50%  D  *not meeting standards

              49% ~  0%  F  *not meeting standards


    100% of the effort grade is based on participation, preparation, cooperation, homework, class-work, etc…all that leads us to being “test ready.”                                   

     Contact Information:

     Arden’s Phone Number:                            971-7306

     Mrs. Broadwater’s e-mail:                        tbroadwater@sanjuan.edu              

     Mrs. Broadwater’s website:                     Arden Website teacher pages 

     Mrs. Broadwater's grade check:              https://sis.sanjuan.edu/parentconnect/                

    Teri Broadwater

    Arden Middle School