• Local Control Accountability Plan Parent Advisory Committee

    The Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) outlines the actions and services being carried out throughout the year to help reach our district goals for our students.

    We are seeking committee members interested in providing input to the Board of Education regarding our district’s LCAP. Your voice is important in making sure we are meeting the needs of all students and especially the needs of our English learners, foster youth, homeless, and low-income students.

    The committee includes parents/guardians, high school students and community members, with an emphasis on those who represent English learners, low-income, foster youth and homeless youth. Members are asked to offer feedback and input on progress made toward meeting our LCAP goals. The committee meets monthly in the evenings from September to May with one full-day meeting in March.

    LCAP Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) meetings requires the attendance of appointed LCAP PAC members. Per the bylaws, members who miss three meetings in a year will be removed from the committee. In addition to regular PAC meetings, appointed members should plan to attend one regional meeting for each of the three cycles.

    For questions about the LCAP PAC contact:

    Laura Mulder  

    LCAP Specialist                     

    (916) 979-8567             

Last Modified on February 11, 2020