Egypt Contract

  • Egypt Contract was given out this week. Please be sure your child has organized theirs with tabs. We did this in class on Monday.

    The following are due dates...

    ARTIFACTS Due Tomorrow!!...Dec. 21st...BE sure artifacts have a name and a labeling card. I've gone over this with the kids they should understand this. Also, pictures on the website to show you what it'll look like. (If you have extra artifacts these may be brought to the MP room on the morning of Jan. 9th)

    Class Art Projects- Due January 9th...WHEN WE GET BACK FROM HOLIDAY!

    These include Cartouche, Paper Tomb, Gods, and Symbols...all started in class. The newspaper is an additional project and is for those creative, writer types that LOVE to be imaginative.

    Costumes will be required for documenting. You need to have a costume by Jan. 11th. If your child wishes to be a museum docent, and we hope ALL do, then PLEASE buy, rent, borrow, or make a costume. Ideas are on the Museum docent subpage

    Museum Docents


    Also, Maps and Social Pyramids will due Jan. 11th.


    Egypt Binder due February 5th

    Click on subpages to see more ideas.


    Take a look at the TWELVE students earning EGYPTIAN AWARDS for EXCELLENCE in EGYPT CONTRACT and Gods & Symbols test


    And the EFFORT goes to....



Last Modified on September 18, 2019