• Egyptian Interview with a Pharaoh or God 

    Students will need an interview or adventure story to include with their vocabulary in the Writing Project section. Interview should be on an Egyptian Pharaoh we have studied, Tutankhamen, Ramses II, Akhenaten, Hatshepsut, Senusret, or Khufu.
    Be creative with questions...
    Q. So, Hatshepsut, what was it like to wear that false beard?
    H. Well... to be honest I never liked the thing. All the men pharoahs hate them. Too itchy.
    Q. What are they made of?
    H. I think wool. It's imported form a far land where animals called sheep roam cold hilly countrysides..
    Q. Ramses is it true you had over a 100 children?
    R. Actually more like 200. You know I had over 100 wives?
    Q. And what was that like?
    R. Just don't get them mad at you. You figure with 100 wives, some will be upset with you, it's only natural. but if you get over 50 against you, good luck getting rid of any headache.
    Remember 10 good questions with thoughtful answers.
    It's important to really listen to the answers that are given, these often lead to follow up questions. A great example is attached. Notice the form and cover page.

Last Modified on February 19, 2019