• Art Projects 

    Below you'll find links, files and other goodies to help you plan and create a wonderful artifact for our museum. NOTE...ONLY ONE artifact is required, so make it look GOOOD!

    If you want to build a pyramid, be careful, most video lesson of this show a pyramid to scale with the Giza pyramids. There slopes are TOO steep, not the 43.5º required. Also, if you want to want otehr ideas try searching the internet, "Make an Egyptian Artifact" and also check out wikiHOW and Pinterest. Artifact(s) are due December 21st. Your plan should be to pick an artifact, gather materials before Thanksgiving break is over. Then use the following weeks to plan out on your calendar.


  • Students will be exposed to Artifact ideas BEFORE Thanksgiving break. I HIGHLY recommend the following.

    • Pick a Project, use resources passed out in class, or research. A good start is to type "How to make an Egyptian Artifact"
    • Make a Calendar, put on it, pick project, gather materials, start project, finish project
    • I recommend finishing by Dec. 9th, as we will be at camp the week of Dec. 12-16, and you don't want to rush to get it done the week before Winter Break.
    Art Projects are DUE  Friday, December 23rd. ONLY ONE project/artifact is required. For overachievers who want to do more, you can turn it in Tuesday, Jan 5th if you want more time to work on it over the holiday. Also, we need lots of Class Art Projects and maps(extra credit) to decorate the tomb walls. Those wishing for that elusive A+++ might want to consider an additional Class Art Project or map.  The reason we have the due date of the 23rd is that we've often heard from parents that they DID NOT enjoy spending their break working on Egypt projects.
    See pictures to see HOW to properly display your artifacts. Note the "framed" labeling cards.
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