• Science

    Science is all about observation and thinking. 
    Mr. C will be teaching a unit on Experimentation and Observation. It  a Foss unit called Variables. Understanding how to conduct an experiment, organize and interpret data is a foundation for all future scientific endeavors. This unit  kids to will be able to identify and understand variables in an experiment and how to test for them. The lessons include one about pendulums called Swingers, one that deals with capacity and measurement of water called Lifeboats, one on Flight called Plane Sense, and one dealing with catapults called Flippers. All experiments require an extensive "Write-Up" , complete with a detailed multi-paragraph conclusion discussing the interpretation of the data and can be learned from these experiments. Hopefully the students will be well prepared for 7th grade science.
    Swinger Write Up ExampleSwingers
Last Modified on September 16, 2016