• Development of Man 

    This week, December 6th, we started another big history project called the Development of Man. After studying the first 6 chapters in History Alive!, students brainstormed all the improvements, innovations, and discoveries that has led mankind to "civilization". Then we carefully put them in the order in which they happened. After that students gather notes and built a rough draft. They will get  their final sheet of drawing paper on Monday. Students will create a 16 square sequence of "events". They will label the developments, write about what it is and its significance, and finally draw a picture representing that development. Most student really enjoy and get a lot out of this difficult project. If you need to you can type your paragraph for each box. I'd set your document to two columns or set tabs at around  4 inches. 
    Check out the slide show below to get an idea about what is expected. 
    Project Due December 21st. 

Last Modified on December 12, 2022