• Project Instagram

    Creating Positive Social Media for the 21st Learner


    Creators: Mrs. Lewis & Mrs. Sims


    Mission Statement: Project Instagram is an exciting opportunity for engagement within the classroom.  Social media has taken society by storm and we are looking for ways to turn this phenomenon into a positive educational experience. 


    How: An Instagram account has been created by Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Sims and will be used solely by their 6th grade IB CORE classes.  Only the teachers will have access to posting photos used on the classroom account, and will be responsible for monitoring the content and comments made throughout the school year.  However, students will be a major contributor to the content creation for both our History and English classes.  Ways our students will engage in the project are, but not limited to, the following:



    ·      Imagine you are a character from a novel; take a photo from the perspective of this character.  Captions are written to further the explanation of the character’s photo choice.

    ·      Share reading recommendations – photos of favorite books in various genres can be added to help students achieve the 24 Book IB Reading Challenge.

    ·      Grammar scavenger hunts – photos describing various parts of speech.

    ·      “Inspiration Finders” – take photos of “writeable” topics when launching Writer’s Workshop. 


    ·      Sharing photographs from gallery walks for student projects [IB Learner Profile Mandalas, Greek Scrapbooks, Poetry Anthologies, etc.]

    ·      Recreate a famous piece of art/historical event – Students create a tableau of the piece of art or scene and photos document and share these experiences.

    ·      Highlights from presentations and skits shared on the account.

    All classes:

    ·      Feature a “student of the week.”  The student’s work would be highlighted, and they would have extra photographing privileges during this week to help us document the daily activities of the class. 

    ·      Project expectations and rubrics posted to class account.


    Students can contribute photos these ways:


    ·      Take photos in class using one of the provided cameras [old iPhones/digital cameras]

    ·      Take photos outside of class hours using their own cameras/phones and submit the photos to their teacher via email to be added to the classroom Instagram account.

    ·      Student of the Week may take photos using personal student phone during designated class times, emailing the images to their teacher after class hours. 


    Family Involvement:


    A crucial aspect to keeping student interactions on social media positive is by having active family engagement.  We are inviting all family members of our students to follow our classroom Instagram account.  By the end of the year, some of our 6th grade students may have created a personal Instagram account with the permission of their parents.  If this is the case, they are welcome to also follow the classroom account.  All students will be able to participate in this project even if they are “cell free” students! 


    In order to engage multiple students at a time, we are asking for donations of any iPhones that you may have at home that are no longer being used.  As long as the phone can still take photos and access WiFi, we can use it for our project!  We do ask that any donated phones be deleted of all content before being donated.  If desired, a phone may be returned at the end of the year or kept for future classes.  If you would like the phone returned, please make sure it is labeled clearly and permanently. 


    We are excited to open up our classroom to our families in a new way.  So many amazing experiences happen within the walls of our rooms, but rarely do families get to see these moments.  This project is just one more way for you to connect with your middle school student!




    Find us one of these ways –

    On Instagram – search users – Lewis.Sims – you will find our account to follow.

    Visit – http://instagram.com/lewis.sims


    Our account is private.  You must create an account to view the photos!  They are free, all you need is an email account to join.

    Thank you for your continued support with IBMYP!


    Mrs. Lewis   Lyndsay.lewis@sanjuan.edu

    Mrs. Sims     Erin.cassadysims@sanjuan.edu

    Churchill Middle School, 6th Grade IB CORE


Last Modified on June 8, 2015