• Top 10 Ways  to Help Your Child Be Successful in French Class


    1. Check your student's homework daily and Q weekly. 
    2. Encourage self-advocacy – ask for clarification at lunch or after school.  Or email me! jennifer.jenks@sanjuan.edu
    3. Seek tutoring early if your child expresses frustration or if his/her grade drops.  Peer tutors are available before school, at lunch, after school.
    4. Encourage your child to use the textbook website my.hrw.com for online practice activities, short videos to practice listening comprehension, and leveled articles to practice reading comprehension.
    5. Help your child study with flashcards.  You might learn a little French too!  Quizlet is a great option for flashcards and games.
    6. Check out upcoming cultural events posted my on website.  Students may attend events to complete their Expérience Culturelle project for the semester.
    7. Read the comments on your child’s progress report and follow up if you have questions or concerns.
    8. Encourage them to use LyricsTraining.com to practice their listening skills to music they enjoy, or bring in music they want to hear in class!
    9. Rent French movies and watch them together to improve listening comprehension skills.  Netflix has lots of French movies available! Check out this list of the best movies for French learners (scroll down).
    10. Encourage your child to download one of the apps listed below to his or her phone to practice French games and improve vocabulary.

    More Suggestions for improving your French skills:

    • Make a commitment to dedicate 30 minutes a day to working on your French with no other distractions (no texting, no TV, nothing!).  Reward yourself when you have successfully completed your 30 minutes (du chocolat, peut-être?)
    • Listen to French music online and find the lyrics so that you can sign along
    • Make flashcards and use them when you are waiting in line somewhere
    • Talk to your pets in French
    • Watch French films (for more advanced students: try turning off the subtitles)
    • Download the Wordreference.com app on your phone to look up words quickly.
    • Download free French podcasts onto your iPhone or iPod and listen while you work out
    • Subscribe to the French version of Reader's Digest or other magazines (check amazon.com for available magazines)
    • Attend a local French meet-up group to meet others learning French
    • Welcome exchange students to your home
    • Fall asleep to French music in hopes your subconscious will record it all by memory
    • Secretly follow Francophones at the mall
    • Take a DVD of a movie you already know very well in English and turn on the French subtitles. When you're comfortable with reading the translation, turn on the French dubbing of the words.  See if the recording matches the subtitles!
    • Take advantage of the resources available at French.about.com and subscribe to the daily newsletter
    • Label items in your house in French
    • Buy French versions of books you love (try children's books or more challenging books like Harry Potter or Twilight) and read a few pages every night. (Look for books on amazon.com and ebay)
    • Download podcasts of French radio shows such as RTL or RFI
    • When no one is home, talk to yourself in French
    • Try TV5's free online lessons and videos
    • Make a playlist of French songs on Youtube or Spotify, or create a French station on Pandora
    • Try language learning websites such as Mangolivemocha, myplt, duolingo, survivalphrases, Yabla, and pimsleur
    • Subscribe to language groups on Facebook or Twitter and make friends with whom you can converse either in writing or on Skype
    • It's rather expensive, but the Rosetta Stone software is a very effective way of learning for many people
    • Read the blog French-Word-A-Day
    • Check your local library for French language CDs or tapes and listen while in your car
    • Listen to French radio on your iPhone - Fun Radio has a good app for that
    • Watch the French in Action video series and lessons - they are old but still great
    • Let me know if you have any other tips that have helped you improve your French! 


    Channels for Learning French on YouTube


    Learn French with FrenchPod101.com 

    Alexa Polidoro




    Learn French with French 101



    Radio Lingua

    Jacqueline Doiron

    French from Beginners to Advanced










    Free Apps for learning French

    Mango (Mrs. Jenks' favorite - you can get a free account with your Sacramento Library account)

    Word Reference


    Learn French

    Frenchie Teachie

    French Exercises

    Free French Essentials by AccelaStudy


    Rosetta Stone (free for a demo account)




    Coffee Break French

    Daily French Pod


    One Thing in French Day

    Learn French by Podcast


    One Minute French

    Learn Out Loud: Survival Phrases

    News in Slow French.com

    French Pod 101

Last Modified on July 11, 2019