• August letter

    Help-Wanted beginning:

    Clerical Assistant(s): Each Kindergarten class is in need of Clerical assistant(s). This is a critical job to keep communication between home and school current. The filer/clerical assistant empties papers from and files papers into students’ folders.  This is an everyday job that can be shared. If you can help with this on Day 1 please let your child’s teacher know.


    Class Photographer(s)/Historians: Each Class Photographer takes pictures of our class at special events and field trips. Photographers may set up secure photo-sharing  websites for each class and provide discs of photos or email photos to LeGette’s yearbook committee. We are in need of a parent photographer from each class to take photographs of each student on the first day of school, transfer the photos to a disc to give to the teacher. If you can help with this on Day 1 please let your child’s teacher know. 

    Please Remember!


    1.  When arriving at school each day, please remain with your child on the white line in front of the classroom. On Day 1, parents are invited spend the first 90 minutes of kindergarten together. All other days, once the 8:30 bell rings, please say goodbye quickly at the classroom door. Past experience has shown us that long goodbyes can result in tears and anxiety.  Help us teach your child confidence and independence!

    2.  For everyone’s safety and for consideration of the afternoon kindergarten class, the kindergarten playground is not to be used before or after school.

    3.  Please send your child to school in play clothes. Also, please mark all sweaters, jackets, etc. with your child’s first and last name.

    4.  Leave toys at home.

    5.  Send a folder to school every day to carry work and school notes home.  Folders should have pockets in the bottom rather than on the sides.  Please check this folder every day and remove contents.

    6.  Help your child learn how to file his/her folder into the file box each morning. The file box is located next to the classroom door. This will begin on Day 1.

    7.  We will be dismissing the children at the classroom door.  All children are to be picked up at the classroom door.  It is critically important that the students are picked up on time. If you are more than 5 minutes late, your child will be waiting for you in the office. Please pick up your child on time. Also, please do not allow your child to play on the kindergarten playground after school as it disturbs the incoming pm kindergarten class.

    8.  Inform us in writing or in person regarding a change in your child’s travel home plans.  We will only release your child to someone for whom we have written permission to do so, either on an emergency card or a note.


Last Modified on June 10, 2015