• Our Daily Schedule in Mrs. Gold’s Kindergarten


    Dear Parents,

    I understand that it is sometimes difficult to converse with your child about their day at school.  Below is a generic weekly schedule.  This is the schedule we follow most days of the week:



    Opening: songs, pledge, anthem

    Morning Message, shared reading and writing

    Phonemic awareness activities (letter recognition, letter/sound matching, rhyming)

    Calendar, counting and patterning activities




    Work Centers: (four 15 minute centers which the children rotate through)

             Two Language Arts centers small group instruction in the following areas: Letter writing, comprehension, games to help with phonemic awareness, beginning                            writing and reading

             Two Math centers small group instruction teaching the kindergarten standards in: Number Sense, Sorting and Classifying by attributes, Measurement and Geometry,                            Graphing and Data Analysis, and solving math problems using concrete materials

    10:30-10:45: Critical Literacy/story time/comprehension

    10:45-11:00: snack/recess

    11:00-11:25: Writing Workshop

    11:25-11:45: choice time

    11:45-11:50: closing, pack-up

Last Modified on June 10, 2015