• Critical Reading Components
    Learning To Read

    The three most powerful predictors in learning to read are Phonological Awareness (PA), Knowledge of Letter Names, and Print Awareness.
    1.  Phonological Awareness (PA): 
    • The understanding that speech is composed of a sequence of individual sounds or phonemes that are recombined to form other words.  
    • PA is also the ability to identify and manipulate these sounds. 
    • PA is aural without the attachment of symbols (letters).  
    2.  Knowledge of Letter Names
    • Children must learn to recognize letters with automaticity/fluency (naming one letter per second).  
    • Once children have had training in phonemic awareness and they recognize letters with automaticity, they can use this knowledge to recognize that words are made up of a sequence or pattern of letters.
    • Attaching the visual representation of letters to the sounds they make is phonics.
    3.  Print Awareness
    • The ability to identify and know the difference from a letter, a word, and a sentence.
    • Children must also recognize front to back, top to bottom, and left to right when learning to read books.

Last Modified on June 10, 2015