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     Our Back-to-School Night tonight might be more appropriately titled “Welcome to School Night” since it likely marks your child’s first step into public education. How exciting! No matter what it’s called, tonight is the beginning of a year-long team effort between your home and our classrooms that leads to a lifetime of learning for your child.


    This information packet is designed to give you a general overview of your child’s classroom activities and procedures here in kindergarten at LeGette. Please use this as a reference, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Open communication between parents and teachers results in the best education for children. We value your input!

     Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We look

    forward to working with you to make your child’s kindergarten

    experience a successful and memorable one.

     Joyce Gold jgold@sanjuan.edu

    The Common Core curriculum standards for your kindergarten student are listed on the San Juan Unified School District site . The following is an overview of the instructional strategies and curriculum that will be used to support these standards.

     Language Arts

    Our language arts program integrates the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. We use Houghton Mifflin’s A Legacy of Literacy along with SIPPS (Systematic Instruction in Phoneme Awareness/Phonics and Sight words).We also incorporate other resources as needed. Selecting materials from a variety of sources allows us to address different learning styles and abilities. This enables the children to be successful in meeting the language arts standards. Our focus is on learning to distinguish individual sounds (phonological awareness), associating those sounds with letters (phonics), and blending sounds to form words. We will be using whole group instruction, as well as flexible small groups, to best fit your child’s needs.

     Writers’ Workshop

    Throughout the year we will integrate the literary genres of personal narrative, how-to writing, expert writing, poetry, opinion writing and fantasy into oral and written language arts lessons.


    We teach traditional manuscript handwriting. Please work with your child to write using these letter strokes. Almost all letters start from the top, either at the top line or at the middle line, and go down. We’ll start working on writing first names beginning with an upper case letter (i.e. a capital letter) and all lower case letters for the remainder. A link to a traditional manuscript chart is in the "My Links" section of this website.


    Our math program is enVision Math published by Scot Foresman-Addison Wesley. We use manipulatives designed to help your child learn a wide range of mathematical concepts as well as ensuring knowledge of basic skills. This method emphasizes real-life mathematical experiences rather than pages of abstract drill. The children become actively involved with concrete materials and make many discoveries using pattern blocks, linker cubes, geoboards, tangrams, and collections of small items. Over the school year the children will work with patterns, sorting, classifying, graphing, measurement, addition and subtraction, probability, geometry, and problem solving.

     Science/Social Studies

    We will be teaching science using our school district’s adopted science curriculum to teach three units: Animals 2x2, Wood and Paper, and Trees. Our social studies text, Scott Foresman’s History, Social Science for California, includes chapters on: Symbols, Work, Where We Are, Calendars, and Times Past.


    General Information


    The AM class will begin at 8:30 and dismiss at 11:50. The PM class will begin at 11:55 and dismiss at 3:15 on M, T, W, and F. On Thursdays all students (including the PM class) come from 8:30-11:50. This gives us opportunities for team curriculum planning, parent education, and makes it convenient for field trips, assemblies, and other school wide events. It is of utmost importance that your child attends school regularly, and on time. This not only enables his/her successful learning, but also establishes a discipline for learning in the future. Children entering the classroom late are a distraction to the rest of the class. Please help your child see the value of learning by getting him/her to school every day on time. However, if your child is going to be absent, please call 979-8430 to confirm the absence.



    Our philosophy on discipline is to maintain a positive learning environment through emphasis on positive reinforcement. Our school-wide LeGette Eagle Expectations are as follows:   

    Be safe.    Be Respectful.     Be Responsible.

    All year long we will be learning about behaviors that demonstrate an understanding of these expectations and reinforcing them with verbal praise and prizes. Positive reinforcement has proven to be successful in shaping behavioral expectations. We set firm limits coupled with high expectations delivered in a caring way. When problems do arise, we work with the child to help him/her identify strategies to solve the difficulty. As needed, further steps for problematic behavior will be tailored to the situations and may include: warnings, followed by a time-out, and referral to parent or principal as necessary.


    Conference/Report Cards/Visitations

    All K-6 teachers are using the same Reporting to Parents guidelines. This can be accessed through the district’s website. Standards Based Report Cards are issued three times a year. Student progress is reported in the following areas: academics, classroom effort, social skills and work habits. The first report card is issued at a parent teacher conference the third week of November. Kindergarten Progress Notices are issued during the second and third trimester when the student is in jeopardy of not meeting grade level standards. You may request a conference at any time during the year. You are welcome to visit our classroom, but please allow us an initial few weeks’ time to settle into our routine. Visitors always need to stop at the office for a visitor’s pass, even when working in the classroom.


    Our two main purposes for homework are: to provide practice or enrichment on skills learned in class, and to teach responsibility. The Monthly Homework Sheet is a list of activities to do with your child. Each completed Homework Sheet will be due the last school day of the month. Occasional extra homework papers may be sent home. Please return these the next day or as indicated on the homework sheet. 


    We always want to encourage healthy habits for kindergartners!   Consequently, each child will be asked to provide a nutritious snack for the entire class approximately once a month. Snacks should be: ready to eat, easy to distribute quickly, all the same, and serve 27 students. Please select snack foods from the attached list. We have students with severe food allergies to all nuts, nut products, and blueberries! NO NUT PRODUCTS ARE PERMITTED. Watch out for processing facility warnings of snacks that may include nuts or are processed where nuts are processed. Please contact us if you have any snack concerns. Your child’s assigned snack day will be sent home on a calendar a few days before the end of each month. 


    We do celebrate birthdays at school! You may send in a special birthday treat or trinkets on their birthday or on the school day closest to his/her birthday. Treats will not be eaten in class. If treats or trinkets are brought, we would appreciate your help with passing them out at the end of the school day. Please make sure snacks are nut-free and are ready to eat and easy to distribute quickly. Please do not send party invitations to school. You may sign up to have your child’s name and phone number on our class directory. This provides you with contact information for play dates and party invitations.


    Your child’s snack day is also his/her sharing day. Please send the sharing in a bag, with the sharing sheet (which will be sent home each month with the snack calendar) completed and attached. At first you will most likely be the one writing the clues. Later in the year please encourage your child to do the writing. Please help your child practice “reading” the clues and rehearse what s/he is going to say when in front of the class. Classmates will have the opportunity to guess what’s inside, based on the information given in the clues. Kindergarten sharing is always a time of great anticipation, and an important part of language development. 

    Volunteers are needed for working with children in daily centers, daily clerical help, book orders, typing class directories, photography, memory book organizer, preparation of materials in class or at home, leveling classroom library books, art docent, PTA rep, Fall carnival booth coordinator, end of the year picnic coordinator(s). We appreciate your help and couldn’t run our program without you. Thanks!

    Please Remember!


    1. When arriving at school each day, please remain with your child on the white line in front of the classroom. Once the bell rings, please say goodbye quickly at the classroom door. Past experience has shown us that long goodbyes can result in more tears. Help us teach your child confidence and independence!

    2. For everyone’s safety and for consideration of the afternoon kindergarten class, the kindergarten playground is not to be used before and after school.

    3. Please send your child to school in play clothes. (Refer to LeGette’s policy on dress code.) Also, please mark all sweaters, jackets, etc. with your child’s first and last name.

    4. Leave toys at home.

    5. Send a folder to school every day to carry work and school notes home. Folders should have pockets in the bottom rather than on the sides. Please check this folder every day and remove contents.

    6. Help your child learn how to file his/her folder into the file box each morning. The file box will be located next to the classroom door.

    7. We will be dismissing the children at the classroom door. Please do not allow your child to play on the equipment during this time as it may disturb the incoming kindergarten class. It is critically important that the students are picked up on time. If you are more than 5 minutes late your child will be waiting for you in the office. Please pick up your child on time.

    8. Inform us in writing or in person regarding a change in your child’s travel home plans. We will only release your child to someone for whom we have written permission to do so, either on an emergency card or a note.

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