• Monthly Homework

    Our two main purposes for homework are: to provide practice or enrichment on skills learned in class, and to teach responsibility. The Monthly Homework Sheet is a list of activities to do with your child. Each completed Homework Sheet will be due the last school day of the month. Occasional extra homework papers may be sent home. Please return these the next day or as indicated on the homework sheet. 

    Day 1 Homework 

    Homework for Day 1

    Due anytime between Fri. Aug. 17 - Fri., Aug. 21.

    Your child’s first homework assignment will be passed out on Thursday, August 13th. Each child is to work with a parent/guardian to make a twin doll of himself/herself. Please cut out the ‘doll’ and add whatever you’d both like to create a twin. You can use yarn for hair, material or wallpaper scraps for clothing, etc. Be as creative as you’d like, but make sure it looks like your child. As your child brings in his/her twin doll s/he will share it in front of the class. All dolls will be displayed in the classroom windows. Have fun!

Last Modified on June 10, 2015