• Snack Calendar

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    There are 27 students in our class


    Snack time is a fun time for the children and will be continued if supported by donations. Due to some food allergies, we need to avoid all nut and nut products in the classroom, so we ask that you choose snacks from those listed below and carefully read labeling each time you purchase a snack for the classroom.


    If you would like to participate in the class snack donation, items from the below list are welcome. Labeling and ingredient lists can change without warning, so please look out for any possible nut or peanut additions or cross-contaminations (nut-processing at the same facility). When appropriate, please send in original packaging and labels. Please make sure snack is ready to serve.


    ·       Keebler Club crackers (original or low-fat)

    ·       Raisins, fresh or dried fruits,or fruit leathers (no blueberry)

    ·       Vegetables (carrot or celery sticks, etc.)

    ·       Pretzels(Sunny Select, or others, watch out for processing facility warnings or snack mixes which may include peanuts or nuts)

    ·       Wheat Thins (Original, Low Sodium, or Crisps)

    ·       Townhouse or Keebler Crackers (Original or Reduced Fat)

    ·       Graham Crackers (Honey Grahams, Cinnamon Grahams, Cinnamon or Honey Graham Sticks)

    ·       Regular crackers such as Saltines (Original, unsalted, fat-free and low sodium)

    ·       Fresh or canned fruits (no strawberries)

    ·       Vegetables (small pieces, sections)

    ·       Triscuits

    ·       Air popped popcorn (no butter)

    • cheese sticks
    • gogurt
    • goldfish crackers  





     Each participating student is assigned a snack day, and will receive a monthly calendar as a reminder. The snack may be donated any day prior to or on the assigned day to ensure a continuing supply.





    Remember your child’s snack day is also their sharing day.


Last Modified on June 10, 2015