Classroom Policies & Procedures




     Classroom Management System

     Classroom Rules

    • Be Safe
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Responsible

    Classroom Expectations

    • Listen Carefully 
    • Follow Directions
    • Work Quietly
    • Respect others
    • Be responsible
    • Work and play safe

    Positive reinforcement is an integral part of any behavior management system. In this class positive behavior is stressed and reinforced through Gotcha’s, verbal praise, team points, whole class rewards, and P.A.T. (Preferred Activity Time) on Fridays. During P.A.T. movies may be shown as a reward. The class can also earn a movie during PAT for good behavior. This occurs about once a year. (If you do not want your child to participate in watching a rated G movie, please let me know.)

    Negative behavior always has consequences. I have implemented the use of a card system. If a student pulls a card during the course of the day, they are required to note it in their planner. This not only lets you know how your child’s behavior was, but it also lets me know that you are aware of their behavior. Serious negative behavior will result in an office referral or automatic suspension. Check your child’s homework sheet each night to see how their behavior was in class.
    Card Colors 
    Green - Had a Great Day!

    Orange - Warning

    Yellow - Lose a recess

    Red - Lose all recesses for one day, citation, and parent notification. 


    *Daily attendance is extremely important. Students who attend regularly tend to have more success in academic areas.
    * If your child is absent please make sure to call the office and/or send a written note stating the reason for the absence.
    *Also, students should arrive on time at the beginning of the day. A child is tardy if he/she arrives any time after the bell rings. If your child is tardy, they must check in at the office before going to class.
    *Children who have 100% attendance each trimester will receive an award. To get this award, your child must not have any absences or tardies. 


    Grades are issued using standard levels:
    4 – Advanced (above grade level standards)
    3 – Proficient (meets grade level standards)
    2 – Approaching (beginning to meet grade level standards)
    1 – Below (below grade level standards)
    ***To earn a 4, a child must be working in a 6th grade book and on 6th grade standards
    In determining trimester grades the following is considered:
    Daily class work 
    Daily classroom participation 
    Special projects
    Extra credit work


    District policy requires that all students in the sixth grade be assigned 30-50 minutes of homework daily. Occasionally, work may be assigned over the weekend. Primarily, however, homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. Daily homework will include assignments in Reading, Writing, and Math that is not finished in class. On occasion, there will be homework in Social Studies and/or Science. It will be the student’s responsibility to write down all homework assignments for each night’s homework. It is also their responsibility to have you check the homework and initial the homework sheet each night. Students will not be able to participate in P.A.T. on Friday unless all homework is turned in on time and the homework sheet is initialed nightly. If a student is absent, I will arrange a reasonable time frame in which they can get it done and turned in.

    Student Responsibilities
    • girl Listen Carefully and write down all homework assignments
    • Ask questions if directions are unclear
    • Take home all necessary materials
    • Follow directions on assignments
    • Proofread work for errors, neatness, and legibility
    • Return assignments on time
    • Ask for make-up work when absent
    • Tell teacher if you have difficulty in completing work
    • Allow enough time in your day to finish all homework

    Parent Responsibilities

    • Provide a quite place, materials and enough time to finish work
    • Communicate with the teacher for any clarification on assignments when necessary
    • Encourage students to complete their own homework assignments – it does not help them if an adult or sibling does the work for them.
    • Check the students work to make sure they understand and complete it
    • Listen to your child read and ask them to “tell back” the story

    Teacher Responsibilities

    • Make sure assignments are reasonable and relevant to the California State Standards
    • Make sure that assignments have been explained in class
    • Reinforce the value of each assignment
    • Help students manage their time on long-term assignments
    • Give assignments that encourage the use of school, home, and community resources
    • Check for homework completion first thing in the morning
    • Contact parents when assignments are frequently missed


    *Students are never to be taken directly out of class for an early dismissal. Parent/Guardians must go to the office and check them out. 

    *Parents/Guardians must also check in at the office before they can enter the classroom. Many parents/guardians are tempted to just park outside the classroom and walk in to talk to their child or the teacher. For the safety of students and staff, we ask that you do not do this. Each parent/guardian must be checked in at the office and wearing a visitor sticker to enter the classroom. 



    Extra! Extra!

    Box Top- Please send in all your box tops. If possible, trim them.
    Campbell Soup Labels
    Please send them in. We need the entire Label.

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