If you need a letter of recommendation for college applications or other programs, please follow the instructions below. 
    1. Contact me IN PERSON to ask me about writing you a letter of recommendation (LOR)
    2. If there is a website link to a form I need to fill out, send me an email with the information or submit my information to the institution that needs the LOR
    3. If this is for a college application, please download the form above, fill it out, and email it to me. Be sure the subject line says LOR or "Letter of Rec" so I see it. 
    4. Make sure you let me know the deadlines for your LOR.
    5. If you need the LOR mailed to someone, be sure to provide the information.
    6. Remind me a week or so before the deadline so I make sure to get it submitted on time, if I haven't already done so. 
    7. Please remember to inform me as to whether or not you were accepted to whatever it was I wrote this letter for. It is so frustrating to spend a lot of my time writing letters for students who never bother to let me know if and where they were accepted!
Last Modified on June 18, 2015