• Wish List

    I am often asked if there is anything we need for our first grade classroom.  Below is a list of things we would love to have.  Thank you!

    • Items for the Class Store (Dollar Tree Items or Recycled Toys, Craft Supplies and Trinkets)
    • Clear Plastic Sleeves
    • Tacky Glue
    • Stamp Pads for Kids
    • Seasonal Stickers
    • Seasonal Computer Paper
    • Mr. Sketch Markers
    • Creation Station Supplies - Buttons, ribbon, fabric scraps, clothespins, felt, pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, scraps of almost anything, paper tubes, stickers, interesting paper, yarn, colored tape, egg cartons, etc.
    • Duct Tape in Fun New Colors or Patterns
    • Play Dough
    • Twisty Crayons for Centers
    • Modeling Clay
    • Dry-Erase Pens for Whiteboards
    • Black Sharpies
    • Gift Cards to Michael's, Sam's Club, Hobby Lobby or Lakeshore Learning
Last Modified on August 21, 2016