• Wish List

    I am often asked if there is anything we need for our first grade classroom.  Below is a list of things we would love to have.  Thank you!

    Items for the Class Store (Dollar Tree Items or Recycled Toys, Craft Supplies and Trinkets)
    Clear Plastic Sleeves
    Tacky Glue
    Mr. Sketch Markers
    Stamp Pads for Kids
    Building Blocks
    Seasonal Stickers
    Seasonal Computer Paper
    Creation Station Supplies - Buttons, ribbon, fabric scraps, clothespins, felt, pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, scraps of almost anything, paper tubes, stickers, interesting paper, yarn, colored tape, egg cartons, etc.
    Duct Tape in Fun New Colors or Patterns
    Dry-Erase Pens for Whiteboards
    Black Sharpies
    Gift Cards to Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree or Lakeshore Learning 
Last Modified on June 27, 2015