• What am I teaching your children?


    Smith-Lozano's Class 2016

    Hi!  I am teaching Creative Movement Dance Classes to your children.  Creative Movement is a fun way to explore dance movement and theory, and it is modern dance based.  It was developed specifically for teaching dance in the elementary schools.  In my classes some of the things the children work on are dance skills, dance theory, rhythm and flexibility.  Also, there are amazing benefits for children who take Creative Movement Dance Classes; some of these benefits are coordination, focus, balance, spatial awareness, social development, cognitive development, and creative thinking.  Thank you for sharing your children with me, it is a delight to work with them.

    Dance Theory

    Children learn so much about dance through theory,

    it gives them a wider movement vocabulary and a stronger basis for creativity.

    Space ... A dancer uses space/their body takes up space.

    Knowledge of how space is manipulated is important and key to dance.

    Time ... A dancer uses time to move, whether he/she moves to music or rhythm or alone.

    Understanding of time is important and a must.

    Force ... Force (energy) is how a dancer moves through the space with time.

    This is what makes movement interesting and valuable.

    There are eight different energy qualities with which a dancer can move.

    These eight qualities can be combined with each other creating even more ways a movement can be manipulated.

    Body Concepts ... Body concepts are how the body may be moved, what parts may be moved,

    how shapes are created and how balance is achieved.

    Choreography ... Choreography is the creative side of dance.  Once a dancer learns how to control their body &

    how to manipulate space, time and energy they are ready to create their own dances.

    Improvisation ... Improvisation is choreography taken one step further.

    Improvisation is when the dancer choreographs  their dance on the spot.

    Good improvisation is much harder than choreography and uses more brain power.  This is also part of the creative side of dance.

Last Modified on September 24, 2016