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    Photo by Photographer Howard Rainer ... http://www.nativewellness.com/about/bios/howardr.htm


    As a young girl, Kelly Williams danced every spare moment she had, twirling and leaping to the music her parents played on their record player.  It wasn’t until she was 14 years old when she was finally enrolled in her first ballet class.  Her love and joy of movement led her to pursue her B.A. Degree in Modern Dance from Brigham Young University.  Kelly has performed in many various dance companies some being; The Dancer’s Company, a performing and touring contemporary ensemble; Impulse, a modern dance improvisation performing group; and The Art Of Jazz, a professional jazz dance company.  She currently loves teaching Creative Movement Dance Classes to the children at Dyer-Kelly Elementary School.  Also, Kelly enriches her classes with her massage background, life long study of yoga and new found love & practice of aikido.

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