Developer Fees

  • Developer fees via USPS

    Starting May 18, 2020
    San Juan Unified will collect Developer Fees in a drop box at our office location during business office hours. The fees will be processed throughout the week. A PDF of the Certification of Compliance Form will be emailed to the person submitting the certificate (make sure to include your email).
    Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 8am to 11:30am; 1pm to 4pm; except district holidays. 
    Make check payable to: SJUSD; we accept personal check, cashier's check, or money order; we do not accept credit cards payments 
    Cost: $3.79/Square foot for residential building; $0.61/Square foot for commercial/industrial building
    Questions for help with the process? Email Please write "developer fees" in the subject line.
    Q. What is required to get my developer fees processed?
    A. Certificate document must be completed - the top portion by the person filing, and the middle section by the county.
    Q. How do I get a Certification form?
    A. The County or City of Citrus Heights fill this form out when they review the plans of the project. You would fill out the top, the County or City of Citrus Heights will fill out the middle, and SJUSD will fill out the bottom
    Q. Do I need to do this form if fee's are not required
    A. Yes
    Q. What if I don't know how much to pay?
    A. Email the certificate document to the help email (type developer fee in the subject line). Our office will respond via email with the total cost.
    Q. What should be mailed?
    A. A certificate document from the county with your section and county section filled out. Include your email address and a check payable to SJUSD.
    Q. How will the county know the fees are paid?
    A. We will email the certificate back to you signed, and stamped with the district seal.
    Phone: (916) 979-8629 

    On October 9, 2018, San Juan Unified School District Board of Education adopted Resolution 2919 setting the following rates:

    $3.79/square foot for residential buildings

    $0.61square foot for commercial/industrial buildings

    $0.22/square foot for rental/self-storage

    EXCLUSIONS The following have been established exclusions:

    • Additions to existing homes of 500 sqft or less of assessable space (residential only).
    • Modification or expansion if the purpose of modification is to increase access for a severely and permanently disabled person.
    • Reconstruction of a structure damaged or destroyed by fire, earthquake, landslide, mudslide, flood, tidal wave, etc., where the replacement structure is equivalent to the original structure. A demolition credit may be applied against the net increase in square foot that arises from the new construction.
    • Any facility used exclusively for religious purposes exempt from property taxation under the laws of California.
    • Any facility used exclusively as a private full-time day school as described in Section 48222 of the Education Code
    • State-owned housing for migrant farm workers which is subject to a contract ensuring compliance with Section 50710 of the Health and Safety Code.


    DEMOLITION CREDIT To receive credit, a demolition credit form from the Building Department must be submitted at the time of payment.

    REQUIRED INFORMATION When coming to pay the fee, Part 1 and Part 2 of Certificate of Compliance form must be completed. You complete Part 1 and Part 2 should be completed by the Building Department. Upon receipt of your check, district staff will complete Part 3. You return this form to the Building Department to procure your building permit.

    DEFINITIONS For purposes of implementing the provisions of AB-2926 (as amended by AB-1929 and AB-181) uniformly, the following definitions are established:

    Residential Building only: Building occupancies for single and multiple family dwellings, apartments and condominiums, where the primary purpose is to provide a residence and not a service, such as health care. (Note: AB-1929 and AB-181) established commercial/industrial rate for projects – mobile homes, subdivisions, condominiums, etc. – used exclusively for senior citizen housing, as described in Section 51.3 of the Civil Case. In addition, commercial/industrial development includes any hotel inn, motel, tourist home, or other lodging for which the area is that which is considered “assessable space” as determine by the Building Department and defined below.

    Assessable Space: Means all of the square footage within the perimeter of a residential structure, not including any carport, walkway, garage, overhand, patio, enclosed patio (*), detached accessory structure (*) or similar area. Assessable space is determined by the city of county building departments.

    Commercial/Industrial Building only: All building occupancies other than residential buildings (including housing exclusively for senior citizens as commercial/industrial per AB-1929 and AB-181 as outlined above). Includes those buildings where the primary purpose is to provide a service, such as health care. Chargeable area is that which is considered “covered and enclosed space” as determined by the Building Department and defined below.

    Covered and enclosed space: Means the covered and enclosed space determined to be within the perimeter of a commercial or industrial structure, not including any storage areas incidental to the principal use of the development, garage, parking structure, unenclosed walkway, or utility or disposal area.

    (*) Unconditional space only

Last Modified on June 25, 2020