• 2022 Science Bowl

    Expected start up will be at beginning of October, 2021.

    See Mr Hansen (room 5)


    2021 Science Bowl

    Victory at Livermore - Sandia Labs!

    4th in Country!

    Science Bowl is a fast paced competition featuring all aspects of science and math. Think Jeopardy for Science and Math. Teams compete with 4 players and can have one alternate. Churchill competes in Livermore, CA in late January or early February against the top schools from the Bay Area. The winning team gets to compete nationally in the Department of Energy national tournament in Washington DC.

    Victorious Team!

    2021 Science Bowl

    A new high for Churchill



    KCRA Interview


    Team Captain: Aatreyo Bhattacharyya

    Team Members: Saheb Gulati, Tanay Bodducherla, Jacob Jeenaraj, Rishabh Venkataramani


    Science Bowl 2020

    National Science Bowl Tournament - 5th in Country!!


    Zoom Match!  

    Science Bowl 2020 

    Sacramento Bee Article

    Team members were on TV - Good Day Sacramento




    In 2017 Churchill had 2 teams compete for the first time and our B team finished in 6th place after making it to the finals. Churchill's top finishes were in 2018 and 2019 with 2nd place finishes - soooo close. That was until 2020!!!
    Keep your eyes open to BTV announcement for sign-ups.

    Churchill's 2020 Team - #1 in Regional. Off to Washington DC.

    Team Captains: Elyas Nuh and Harish Premkumar
    Members: Ben Wang, Sky Yip and Aatreyo Bhattacharyya
    #1 Baby!

    The Whole Gang!


    2019 Science Bowl

    2nd Place finish at Livermore - Sandia Labs Regional

    Need a Tournament Pic

     Trip to SLAC
    National Laboratory


    Congrats to Churchill's 2018 Science Bowl Team!

    1st trophy and top-2 finish!

    Govind Gnanakumar (Captain) 
    Tarun Venkat
    Shohom Chakaborty
    Aditya Sivakumar
    Nihal Gulati
    Team on Stage
    Entire team on Stage  

    1st Time on Big Stage

    1st Time on Big Stage

    2017 Science Bowl Team

    Team Photo

    2015 competition in San Jose

     Team Pic

    2014 Science Bowl Team

    In Game Los Positas CC
    Team pictures from 2015 competition in San Jose.
Bye Churchill
Team Pic
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