6th Grade Science

  • Course Description

     During the course of the year students will learn about the following topics:

    •            Plate Tectonics & Earth’s Structure
    •            Shaping Earth’s Surface
    •            Thermal Energy
    •            Energy in the Earth System
    •            Ecology
    •            Earth’s Resources


    Required Materials

     All students are expected to have the following materials with them everyday of class


    1. Binder
    2. Pencils and pens
    3. Paper
    4. Science Notebook



    Absence: A student will be allowed one day to make-up work for each day of absence. It is the student’s responsibility to find out what he or she missed during their absence.

    Tardies: Students will be marked tardy if they are not in their seat working when the bell rings.

    Classroom Behavior

    In order to create a classroom atmosphere appropriate for learning, students are expected to follow these classroom rules:


    • Positive Attitude
      •       Smile, it never hurt anyone
      •       Apologize when you make a mistake
    • Always Responsible and Respectful
      •       Listen and stay seated when someone is speaking
      •       Respect the property of the classroom and respect the property of those in the classroom
      •       Raise your hand quietly to ask permission to use restroom, pencil sharpener or any other activity requiring you to leave your seat 
    • Work to Succeed
      •       When the opening bell rings, be in your seat working on the bell-work
      •       Bring all needed materials to class daily (pencil, pens paper, spiral notebook, and planner)
    • Safety First
      •       Horseplay is not allowed at any time
      •       Keep your hands and feet to yourself
      •       Be cautious while using laboratory equipment


     Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior

    1.      First offence – Student signs behavior clipboard
    2.      Second offence - Student fills out behavior slip to be signed by parents
    3.      Third offence – Student will be assigned a refocus room and parents will be contacted
    4.      Fourth offence –Referrals to the office may be filled out at this time.


    Contact Info

    Email – Mr. Pollock    wpollock@sanjuan.edu

    I check this multiple times a day and will get back to you shortly.

Last Modified on August 12, 2015