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  •  Booster Logo  Your $25.00 annual Booster membership for one cardholder, or $40.00 membership for two members provides you with $2.00 off admission to home sporting events. Also, once a member, you will receive updated information on Booster Club fundraisers, activities, and student scholarship opportunities. To become a Booster member now, simply click below.

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  • IBPO  We appreciate that you have chosen to send you student to Mira Loma's IB program and anticipate that you will contribute time and money to ensure that our nationally recognized program remains strong. We ask you to make a voluntary tax-deductible contribution for your student.  Some families will choose to make a smaller donation and others will be able to make a larger donation. Every gift makes a difference. You may donate online below.

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  • ISSPO  ISSPO supports the educational and service activities of our IS students through personal example, advocacy, fundraising and financial support. ISSPO helps fund books, materials, and field trips—costs which otherwise would be passed along to parents. Additionally, ISSPO offers yearly scholarships, sponsors a banquet for graduating seniors, and offers graduation regalia rental at a discounted cost. Become an ISSPO member below.

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Last Modified on November 28, 2016