• Spartan Dress code:


    Students are permitted to wear hats inside classrooms at teacher discretion. Gang insignias, residential designations or offensive symbols or words are not permitted.


    The hoods of hoodies should not be worn inside the classroom, but can be worn outside the classroom as long as it does not obscure the face.

    Pajamas and Slippers:

    Pajamas and slippers are not permitted.


    Shirts must fall below the belly button. Exposed stomach, cleavage, strapless garment top, spaghetti straps (halter tops, tube tops, etc.) and exposed brassiere parts are considered inappropriate dress attire and are not permitted.  Sleeveless shirts are permitted as long as they adhere to the above standards AND the shoulder straps are 2 inches or more in width.


    Must have a 3-inch inseam when sitting or walking and cannot be obtained by pulling pant legs down. Under wear cannot be shown from sagging shorts or pants. Sagging is not permitted.


    Due to safety reason students cannot bring blankets to school.



Last Modified on March 6, 2019