District Policies

  • District Policies

    Our high school and District has a minimum of restrictive school rules and policies. The rules and policies are enforced for the safety and well-being of all students. All student discipline will be handled by an administrator/designee who will follow the guidelines set up by San Juan Board Policy 5114 and California Education Code 48900. Any infraction of the District rules while on school grounds, going to or coming from school, at a school sponsored activity, or while going to or coming from a school sponsored activity may result in disciplinary action.

    School Behavior Policies:

    The following rules are the most frequently abused or misunderstood. Please read them carefully and discuss them to be well informed and to avoid a violation.

    (1) Tobacco

    Tobacco Is Not Permitted On Campus Or Within Sight Of The School. This is to include the front of the school, sidewalks along Greenback Lane, field area, and the stadium. The following consequences apply to those students who use tobacco in any form:
    a. First offense - one day On-Site suspension* or home suspension
    b. Second offense - three day home suspension
    c. Third offense - five day home suspension
    * Student will participate in a tobacco prevention program.

    (2) Closed Campus

    The Campus Is Closed Throughout The Entire School Day. Once students enter the campus, they are not to leave without acquiring an early dismissal which must be obtained from the Attendance Office with a note from a parent. Students leaving campus without permission will receive on the:
    a. First offense - three days of home suspension.
    b. Second offense - four day suspension.
    c. Third offense - five day suspension and transfer to an alternative placement

    (3) Visitor Passes

    No Visitor Passes Are Issued. All persons having business to conduct on campus must first report to the administration office. 

    (4) Fighting

    - Any student who engages in a physical confrontation will face the following:
    a. First offense - three day suspension and parent conference.
    b. Second offense - five day suspension and transfer to another school. *
    c. Third offense - five day suspension and referral to Central Review.
    *Two Fight Rule - a student involved in a second fight at San Juan High School in a one year period will be transferred to another high school.

    (5) Drugs/Alcohol

    - Students who buy, use, or possess drugs, narcotics or alcohol on campus or at any school sponsored activity shall be suspended for five (5) days. Students will be referred to Student Assistance Program. Students who at school, sell or otherwise furnish any controlled substance or who offer for sale a substance represented to be a controlled substance, shall be recommended for expulsion.

    (6) Weapons

    - Students who bring guns, knives, or replicas or dangerous objects to school or school activities will receive a five (5) day suspension and recommendation for expulsion. A law enforcement referral will be made.

    (7) Theft/Receiving Stolen Property

    - Students will be suspended for stealing other students’, staff or school property or for being in possession of stolen property. Restitution will be required for all stolen or damaged property.

    (8) Harassment

    - Harassment (racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, handicapped, etc.) of any kind will not be tolerated. Students will be suspended for harassment and may be recommended for expulsion.

    (9) Defiance of Authority

    - Students are expected to comply with all reasonable requests or directives by school personnel. Students will be suspended for defiance.

    (10) Disruption of School

    - Any conduct that disrupts the instructional process or working order of the school will result in suspension.

    (11) Profanity or Slurs

    - Students are to avoid the use of profane language. Profanity directed at individuals or in loud excessive displays will result in suspension. Slurs (racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, handicapped, etc.) are prohibited at all times. The use of such language will result in suspension.

    (12) Forgery

    - Any communications with the school that are forged or falsified will result in disciplinary action. All notes excusing absences or requesting an early dismissal must be signed by the parent or legal guardian.

    (13) Gambling:

    Gambling, which includes playing cards or dice, is not allowed on campus or at any school.

    (14) Sexual Harassment:

    The Governing Board of the San Juan Unified School District prohibits unlawful sexual harassment of or by any students by anyone in or from the District. Any student who engages in the sexual harassment of another student or anyone from the District will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion. 
    Any employee who permits or engages in sexual harassment will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. ©.4188 - Suspension/disciplinary Action) (Cf.5137 - Positive School Climate)

    (15) Dress Code Violation

    - All students are expected to dress appropriately and follow the guidelines under the dress code. Students wearing inappropriate clothing will receive the following consequences:
    a. First offense - warning notation in discipline file
    b. Second offense - one On-Site suspension
    c. Third offense - one day home suspension

    (16) Disruptive Devices

    - Cell phones, headphones, disc players must be turned off and be out of sight during class time. If you bring those items to school it is at your own risk. Students whose cell phones disrupt classes will be referred for disciplinary action. Laser pointers are not allowed on campus.

    (17) Social Probation:

    Students who do not attend school regularly and/or follow school rules may be denied the privilege of attending extra curricular activities, including commencement.
Last Modified on February 22, 2019