• Student Responsibilities

    San Juan staff members believe a positive school climate motivates students to reach their potential.  The use of self-discipline provides the student training and experience to develop into a responsible member of the larger community and society in general.  In setting up rules for a positive school environment, the staff makes every effort to make reasonable requests based on the need for individual safety.  Students are expected to follow all school and District policies. In addition to our obligation to comply with general school rules, students should understand that they have the same obligation to each classroom teacher. Students are expected to attend class daily, be respectful to all staff and fellow students, and put 100% effort into their learning experience.


    Student Rights

    Students have rights, as do all citizens, under the Constitution, as well as State Law and District policy.  Their rights include:
    a. The right to be heard.  Students are encouraged to voice constructive criticism through Student Government, student advisory committees, teachers, counselors, administrators, and any other channels of communication as long as that process does not substantially disrupt the orderly operation of the school (California Education  Code 48916, San Juan Unified School District Policy 5137 and San Juan Unified School District Policy 5161).
    b. The right to an education in a safe, clean environment (San Juan School District Policy 3621).
    c. The right to full use of class time for receiving instruction and for learning.
    d. The right to fair, consistent and respectful treatment by staff members and other students.
    e. The right to a hearing before a penalty is imposed.  When a student has been referred for some wrongdoing, that student will be afforded the opportunity to offer his/her version of the incident to school authorities (San Juan unified School District Policy 5161).
    f. The right to seek redress of grievances through the District grievance procedure (San Juan School District Policy 5161).  Should you believe that a violation of laws, policies, or procedures has infringed on your legal rights, there are two avenues by which to seek redress.  To seek redress of the grievance first discuss the problem with the principal, and then file a written grievance with the principal, if necessary.   The time limit for filing a grievance shall be no later than ten (10) days after discovery of the alleged violation.  
    Normally, an academic or citizenship grade cannot be grieved since Education Code 1073 states that no one other than the teacher can change a grade, academic or citizenship.  However, a student may file a grievance if the student believes that the process of arriving at the grade has involved mistake, fraud, bad faith, or incompetency.   Forms for grievance are available from the Principal.  Details of these grievance procedures are available in the Main Office.

    Uniform Complaint Procedures

    (District Policy 1312.3) 
    The District has established Uniform Complaint Procedures (as required by Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations).  The Uniform Complaint Procedures have been adopted to ensure that the District complies with State and Federal laws or regulations governing educational programs.  Allegations of unlawful discrimination, including harassment, may be based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, ancestry, ethnicity, gender, physical or mental disability, or sexual harassment.  The District’s Uniform Complaint Procedures contain appeal and review procedures and advise interested parties of civil law remedies.  The District’s assistant general counsel, Linda C. T. Simlick, has been designated as the Title IX Coordinator/Compliance Officer at (916) 971-7110.
    The District prohibits retaliation against any participant in the complaint process.  Each complaint shall be investigated promptly and in a way that respects the privacy of all parties concerned.  For more information for resolving complaints, contact the District’s Coordinator/Compliance Office at (916) 971-7110.  If a person believes that he or she has been subjected to retaliation or harassment, he/she may file a separate complaint under the Uniform Complaint Procedures.
Last Modified on February 22, 2019