• 6th Grade Math Class Syllabus

    Houghton Mifflin: Go Math

    Class Syllabus: Go Math

    Math Notebook

    • You will have daily math warm-up problems that are to be completed in your math notebook

    • Daily math notes

    • A grade will be given for effort and completeness

    Math Projects/Tasks/Activities

    • These tasks may require collaboration and speaking, while at the same time reinforcing important math skills used in professional occupations in real life situations

    • All work done in class will count as performance, while any homework will count as homework, and the final product will be graded as an assessment

    Math Homework

    • You will have math homework every night

    • All problems need to be completed. If you are having trouble on a problem, leaving it blank is not accepted, you may do the following:

      • Ask help from an older sibling or adult at home

      • Call and ask a friend for help

      • Seek help before the class from a teacher

    • You must always show your work and box your final answer


    • You will be given an assessment at the end of each chapter

    • These are not open note/open book unless otherwise specified by the teacher

    • When assessments are returned, they will be signed by an adult and checked off

    • It is important to study for each of your assessments, here are some ways to help you:

      • ask clarifying questions during class time

      • stay focused and pay attention

      • join a study group

      • seek additional help from teachers during your free time (before  school/break/lunch)



    25% Performance:  Math notebook/Projects

    25% Homework:  Completed homework assignments

    50% Assessments/Final Project
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