• Class Syllabus Social Studies: 8th  History Alive!


    Social Studies Projects
    • Some chapters will require an individual, partner, or group project

    • Projects will be worked on in class, and if not completed, at home

    • Students will evaluate themselves and their partners as a reflection piece


    Social Studies Homework
    • M-F Pages or Notes will be assigned


    Social Studies Tests
    • At the end of each chapter students will take a test that is composed of three parts:

      • Multiple Choice

      • Chart or Graph

      • Written

    • When tests are returned they will be signed by an adult and checked off

    Extra Credit

    • End of Chapter Processing page available on day of test

    • Extra Credit(EC) + 1 to test


    25% Performance:  Projects

    25% Homework:  Completed homework assignments

    50% Tests/Quizzes

Last Modified on August 25, 2016